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Honeywell has introduced the EHPM-HART Integration solution to provide a fully integrated capability for field device monitoring, asset management and equipment maintenance. This offering is an end-to-end solution from the field connection level to the supervisory control level and beyond. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Honeywell’s approach to EHPM-HART integration enables plants to securely migrate off-process to newer technology without having to rip and replace their current system infrastructure, which typically involves high engineering and equipment costs.

The EHPM with HART solution is designed for easy migration of existing non-HART enabled PMIO Analog Input (AI)/Analog Output (AO) IOPs and FTAs to HART-enabled PMIO AI/AO IOPs and FTAs. The HART enabled PMIO IOP and FTA are the ones currently used for the Experion PKS C300 controller with proven performance and reliability. This will avoid unnecessary infrastructure modifications. All that’s needed is a swap of the existing non-HART AI/AO IOP and FTA for a HART-enabled AI/AO IOP and FTA.

​EHPM-HART includes compatibility with existing Process Manager I/O (PMIO) HART-enabled I/O modules and Field Terminal Assemblies (FTAs). Customers with EHPM systems can utilize the latest HART diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities by deploying the EHPM with corresponding system software and FDM upgrades. This will allow them to obtain the full benefits of HART for the management of their intelligent devices.

​​Honeywell’s EHPM with HART capability is intended for customers seeking to reduce and optimize maintenance costs for field instrumentation and valves. This approach has significant advantages over the use of HART multiplexer networks requiring additional hardware with third-party asset management software.

EHPM with HART enables customers to significantly reduce maintenance time, mainly in labor with up to 90% reduction in field visits with the availability of status and diagnostic information incorporated directly in Experion PKS. This provides direct access to maintain and configure the smart field devices, which also allows them to minimize the need for unscheduled maintenance.

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Brochure-EHPM HART Integration of the HART protocol with Honeywell’s best-in-class Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) allows end users to access and utilize valuable field device information in a cost-effective manner, utilizing a technology that is easy to implement. Brochure14 Sep 2020
Flyer-EHPM HARTThe EHPM-HART Integration solution is part of Honeywell’s secure migration strategy enabling customers to upgrade to the latest Experion PKS and Field Device Manager (FDM) technology while retaining their intellectual property and existing investments.Product Information Note14 Sep 2020
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