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Upgrade to ELCN Bridge and Redundant Partner.  Experion LCN (ELCN) further continues innovation for Honeywell customers. Using the proven Experion Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE) infrastructure, a new ELCN Bridge connects Experion to Classic COAx LCN. Once this connection is established, the LCN coax connection can be removed one LCN node at a time.

(1) Universal Embedded Appliance

(1) UEA Mount 19 In Rack

(1) ELCN Mau Cable Asm W/yellow Label

(2) Rear Support Bar

(1) UEA Upgrade Hardware

(2) Air Duct Baffle

(1) Blank Panel, 5.22in (13.26cm) 3u Black

(1) Cable Set 2M

(1) LCN Bnc Tee Set

(1) Crossover Cable, Ethernet 2Meter Orange

(1) Bracket, Cabinet Rear Rail, 2u For LCN R

(2) Bracket, Cabinet Rear Rail, 1UFor LCN R

(2) TPS-100 Mod AC Pwr Cbl

(2) Cbl AC Pwr 72in

(2) Pwr Cbl 240V 72in Classic Furn

(1) LCN To ELCN & ELCN Bridge upgrade kit Instru

(1) Instructions, Trade In For Upgrade Kits

(1) Mau Cable Asm W/green Label

348 Documents FoundItems per page :
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TotalCare Gas Services2021Brochure4 Mar 2021
Honeywell TotalCare Service Contracts for Terminalsrevised brochureBrochure4 Mar 2021
SearchTestingMarketingSearchTestingMarketingArticle Reprint25 Oct 2020
Beacon 3200PLC G3 Dataconcentrator for electric gridTech Spec13 Aug 2020
Expert on CallProviding field workers with insight,information & communications on-demand to enable better decision making and execution.Service Note6 Aug 2020
Immersive Field SimulatorExperiential learning opportunity for field workers in immersive & safe virtual plant environment.Service Note6 Aug 2020
Tissue Quality Measurement and Control: Addressing Today’s Manufacturing DemandsBy Keith Lantz, Principal Technical Solutions Consultant & Fredrik Westerberg, Marketing Director, Honeywell Process SolutionsArticle Reprint5 Aug 2020
ServiceNote_CRP_PMIOServiceNote_CRP_PMIO April 2020Service Note29 Apr 2020
ServiceNote_CRP_Series_CServiceNote_CRP_Series_C - April 2020Service Note29 Apr 2020
ServiceNote_CRP_Servers_and_StationsServiceNote_CRP_Servers_and_Stations April 2020 Service Note29 Apr 2020
Public Support Documentation
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Supporting your Series C NeedsHoneywell’s Certified Recycled Parts (CRP) program offers more than field replaceable spares for aging legacy hardware. They can now support your Series C needs as well.Support Document10 Nov 2020
PMIO Available to Support Your NeedsHoneywell’s Certified Recycled Parts (CRP) program offers field replaceable spare parts for many product families from across the last 50 years of DCS and QCS equipment. This includes PMIO for your system migration and support needs.Support Document10 Nov 2020
ServiceNote_CRP_Servers_and_StationsServiceNote_CRP_Servers_and_StationsSupport Document10 Nov 2020
Certified Recycled Parts OverviewCertified Recycled Parts OverviewSupport Document9 Nov 2020
Honeywell Immersive Competency R200.1 Cloud User GuideThe purpose of this guide is to provide guidance for using the cloud solution of the Honeywell Immersive Competency R200.1 for first time and also Upgrading from R101.1.Support Document3 Apr 2020
HPS Sales Terms - USA - English Sales Terms - USA Support Document3 Mar 2020
Honeywell Water and Wastewater documentationFrom application notes and brochures to data sheets, discover Honeywell’s complete library of technical and support documentation. Support Document6 Dec 2019
PredictiveDataAnalytics-InstallationGuide-PDADOC-X541-en-130AThis guide provides detailed information on the installation, setup and maintenance Predictive Data Analytics (PDA).Support Document4 Dec 2019
PDA-SoftwareChangeNotification-R130AThis Software Change Notification contains the list of features available in R130. List of known issues are also described.Support Document4 Dec 2019
Honeywell-Trace-Prerequisites-Document-R130FHoneywell-Trace-Prerequisites-Document-R130FSupport Document27 Nov 2019
120 Documents FoundItems per page :
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SATURN POWER ADDRESSES ENERGY CONSUMPTION AND HIGH COSTS WITH HONEYWELL BATTERY ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMFor a Canadian renewable and clean energy provider, an innovative battery energy storage system helped to address electric consumption requirements and reduce costs for customers while supporting a vision for a sustainable future. 27 Aug 2020
Leading gypsum manufacturer implements Cyber Secure Connected Thermal Process Solutions for Enhanced Performance and Reliability Across the CorporationLeading gypsum manufacturer chose Honeywell Thermal Solutions to supply advanced tools to optimize control performance, support asset effectiveness and maximize equipment uptime, as well as provide expert application engineering services. 29 Oct 2019
Honeywell and Vodacom Cooperate to Utilise NB-IoT for Smart Utility Metering in Africa The City of Matlosana proves use cases, and delivers benefits for utilising NB-IoT as a communication technology for smart water and electricity metering deployments.24 Apr 2019
ControlEdge RTU - Terminal ApplicationCase study for RTU in Terminal without end customer name.27 Nov 2017
Application Note - ControlEdge™ RTU Optimizes Pipeline OperationsApplication note describing use of ControlEdge RTU in pipeline solution8 Nov 2017
Total Improves Cyber Security with Managed Security ServicesKnow how Honeywell's Managed Security Services helped Total secure the various aspects of its DCS.3 Jul 2017
Sasol Chooses Honeywell Assurance 360 for Outcome Based Services“People considering Assurance 360 need to determine what the business needs. Every business is different. If you go into this partnership with a commitment to get to a successful outcome, you can attain it with the right partner.” 10 Aug 2016
Middle East Gas Processing Facility Views the Complete Picture with Asset ManagerImplementing Honeywell’s Asset Manager however, has transformed the scope, depth and effectiveness of equipment condition monitoring (ECM). Covering more than one thousand critical assets, Asset Manager enables the company’s engineers and management to track alarms, compare actual results with expected performance, and assess assets’ performance against historical data.7 Sep 2015
Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment Reduces Risks to Gas Pipeline OperationAs a result of Honeywell’s cyber security vulnerability assessment solution, a natural gas pipeline company was able to empirically identify and quantify all of the steps required to improve the security and reliability of its natural gas distribution pipeline network, and therefore increase the uptime and availability of its system.12 Nov 2014
U.S. Power Company Works with Honeywell to Perform a SCADA Cyber Security Vulnerability AssessmentHoneywell's cyber security assessment services helped a US power company to assess existing cyber security risks, abide by corporate standard of audit and review, and prioritize the tasks they needed to execute. 12 Nov 2014
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