Train Load-Out Systems

Train Load-Out Systems

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Honeywell provides entire Train Load-Out (TLO) control systems from design, programming and installation to commissioning and ongoing operational support. Through seamless integration with rail logistics systems, these TLO systems enable highly accurate train schedules and effective consignment planning and reporting. ​

Honeywell’s TLO systems for greenfield and brownfield sites include the following base functionalities:

  • Batch loading (weigh bin)

  • Train speed detection

  • Wagon type detection

  • Spill detection

  • Rail Signals

  • Hydraulic pack interface

  • HMI terminal

The range of optional functions includes:

  • In-loading and/or out-loading weighing

  • Train manifest management

  • RFID tag reading

  • MCC for power distribution and bin instrumentation

The solution includes several tightly integrated systems for accurate, consistent loading across wagons: 

  • Wagon position detection

  • Train System Interface (TSI) System – The speed indicator automatically signals the train driver via a telemetry receiver in the locomotive cabin

  • High object detection to prevent collisions

  • Spillage detection system

  • Derailment detection system

  • Door open detection

  • Wagon underfill detection

  • In-motion weighing integration

  • Video monitoring for remote loading.

Information from the TLO system can be integrated into Production Manager, Honeywell’s manufacturing execution system software for integrating plant automation control and corporate business systems.

Honeywell TLO systems require minimal intervention by the operator, who only has to initiate loading from the SCADA screen. The sequence runs automatically, with operator input only in the event of an abnormal situation. In such cases, all devices have a manual mode to allow the operator to start, stop, open or close devices and systems from command buttons on the SCADA screen or from a joystick on the operator console. Emergency stops are hardwired, independent of the SCADA system. 

​Since 1999, automated train loading systems powered by Honeywell have helped achieve consistent loading performance for some of the world’s most successful businesses. Through consistent and accurate loading, its TLO systems enable quicker load times, higher productivity, less spillage and a more competitive business.

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