MXProLine for Plastics, Coating, Converting, Nonwovens and Fiberglass

MXProLine for Plastics, Coating, Converting, Nonwovens and Fiberglass

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Honeywell's MXProLine™ quality control system (QCS) offers a broad range of online scanners and sensors to help users select the measurement system best suited to their web gauging applications. It provides accurate measurement of quality parameters in a variety of applications, including extrusion, oriented films, coating, converting and nonwovens.


MXProLine is a specifically engineered platform for web gauging applications, providing accurate measurement of various quality parameters, including weight, coat weight, moisture, thickness, density, and opacity. It combines these measurement capabilities with advanced cross-directional controls, flexible user displays and on-screen setup and configuration. 

MXProLine delivers scalable solutions from basic measurements to advanced multi-scanner, multi-sensor control systems. This quality control system is also available with the Experion PKS distributed control system for truly integrated process automation. It can also be paired with the Quality OptiMiser quality management system, ProWeb monitoring system and OptiVision manufacturing execution system (MES).

With its fast scan speeds, high accuracy, low noise and fine resolution, MXProLine delivers optimal quality in the shortest possible time. This quality control system offers extensive measurement capabilities, including ZipLine and traditional scanning methods, for specific applications.

For extrusion processes, it uses adaptive process models to ensure accurate mapping to CD actuators on the most demanding cast and oriented film applications. MXProLine also includes Calcoil induction heating actuators for precise control of calendered cast sheet profiles.

For nonwovens and fiberglass industries, MXProLine offers a range of sensors based on the material to be measured and controlled.

​Fast, precise and reliable measurement of quality parameters has a crucial and significant impact on the productivity and process efficiency. MXProLine quality control system is a cost-effective solution that delivers

  • lower raw material consumption

  • improved product quality

  • greater yield

  • reduced rejection rates, resulting in greater profitability.

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MXProLine Intelligent O-Frame ScannersMXProLine™ helps users improve their business performance in today’s challenging economic environment. Including the 4080 Series Intelligent Scanners, this quality control and process knowledge system provides superior visibility into the process while simplifying operational efforts.316.64 KBProduct Information Note11 Jul 2014
Quality Control Systems for Plastics, Nonwovens, Rubber and Aluminum Sheet ProcessesWith 33 years of experience in extrusion, oriented films, coating and converting, nonwovens, rubber calendering, and aluminum rolling and 4,000 installed systems, Honeywell’s Continuous Web Solutions (CWS) is the global leader in advanced solutions for quality control systems. 1.56 MBBrochure1 Jul 2014
Q4000 Intelligent O-Frame ScannerThe Q4000 O-Frame Scanner with the MXProLine Quality Control System (QCS) provides a high-speed, accurate and robust platform for the full-line of Honeywell quality sensors.271.02 KBProduct Information Note30 May 2014
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Marflex Improves Production Quality and Yield with Honeywell MXProLineMarflex chose Honeywell's MXProLine system yet again for its fastest machine to deliver high quality film for its customers’ wrapping lines. The firm noted that the ease of installation and faster commissioning in two previous MXProLine installations made its decision easier. 311.56 KB7 Sep 2016
Bond-a-Band Improves Production Bond-A-Band selected Honeywell to partner with them and supply the MXProLine Quality Control System (QCS) which has helped to improve their film and sheet quality by a factor of 3 and increased overall efficiency and yield. 305.96 KB3 May 2016
Honeywell Helps Ahlstrom Improve Production at New Glass Fiber Tissue Mill in RussiaAhlstrom selected Honeywell and its integrated advanced control and quality measurement solutions to help efficiently manage key production processes at its Redkino mill.81.86 KB1 Jul 2014
Apeldoorn Flexible Packaging BV Uses Honeywell’s HC900, Experion HS and MXProLine to Improve Stretch Foil QualityApeldoorn Flexible Packaging, winner of the 23rd DuPont Award for packaging solutions, implements Honeywell solutions to improve quality of their products.802.64 KB27 Apr 2012
BSK Improves Extrusion Coating Results with Honeywell’s Integrated Solution BSK migrated to Honeywell’s HC900 hybrid controller integrated with the MXProLine™ quality control system. By automating the production process in a single system, BSK has experienced increases in productivity and product quality.129.06 KB28 Dec 2011

​Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time.​

Honeywell also offers Training On Demand (TOD) services for web gauging systems to help operators and maintenance personnel improve their system performance.

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