Automatic Gauge Control (AGC)/ Hydraulic Gap Control (HGC)

Automatic Gauge Control (AGC)/ Hydraulic Gap Control (HGC)

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Honeywell’s Automatic Gauge Control (AGC) and Hydraulic Gap Control (HGC), incorporated with the MetalsMaster gauging system, enable mills to deliver the right gauge thickness with the least product variation. It also offers Target Adaptive control to increase yield, improve product quality and reduce scrap.

​From the very start of the coil, MXProLine and AGC/HGC ramp up the mill speed and tension/gap to bring production to target thickness in the shortest possible time and distance. Once within specification, AGC optimises the mill speed by adjustment of tension, load or gap. At the end of the coil, Auto-Slowdown ensures the product remains in specification for as long as possible and brings the mill to a halt with minimum amount of material left on the coil drum. Target adaptive control monitors the short term product variation and adjusts the setpoint downwards, so that the lowest point of the product variation is just above the lower specified limit, providing additional raw material savings (target is increased if selling by weight).

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  • Automatic Gauge Control (AGC)/ Hydraulic Gap Control (HGC)
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