Fail Safe Controller
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As part of Honeywell's Experion® PKS and TotalPlant Solution (TPS) system, Fail Safe Controller (FSC®) forms the basis for functional safety, securing operations personnel, plant equipment and environment and ensuring optimum availability for plant operations.

Migrating the FSC system to Safety Manager modernizes the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) to improve plant safety and extend support of existing automation investments. See the Solution Note under the Documentation tab for more information.

​Fail Safe Controller is a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) certified integrated safety platform. Based on Quadruple Modular Redundant (QMR®) technology, FSC supports a wide range of high integrity process control and safety functions including:

  • High-integrity process control

  • Burner/boiler management systems

  • Process safeguarding and emergency shutdown

  • Turbine and compressor safeguarding

  • Fire and gas detection systems

  • Pipeline monitoring.

FSC provides an easy and reliable integration into Honeywell's TotalPlant Solution system, enabling a powerful integrated safety solution with unified safety, operations and control.

FSC provides a dual redundant fault tolerant controller for safety and shutdown applications on the TPS system's Universal Control Network (UCN). These safety functions are integrated into the architecture to support unified operations and control, while at the same time providing the ability to isolate emergency shutdown (ESD) functions from process control strategies on a separate safety network.

By using the tight and reliable integration, FSC shares important features with its UCN peers, enabling direct peer-to-peer communication with Process Managers (PM), Advanced Process Managers (APM), High-Performance Process Managers and Logic Managers (LM). Support of higher level strategies is done through communication with Application Modules and host computers on the Local Control Network.​

​Safety solutions based on Honeywell's FSC system can lower the cost of safety and improve plant performance. This is done by reducing the risk of safety incidents, maximizing production uptime, reducing the cost of compliance and providing productivity tools that help users manage safety in their plant.

Honeywell provides training on the basic features and functions of the Fail Safe Controller (FSC) system, including operations, engineering, production, maintenance, purchasing, finance, and human resources. Participants will also learn how to modify an application, upgrade software, install additional hardware, and troubleshooting.

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