Safety System Migration

Safety System Migration

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Migrating safety systems to the latest technology helps reduce the risk of incidents, maximizes process uptime, lowers compliance costs and ensures peace of mind for users. Honeywell’s Safety System Migration solution enables users to integrate their standalone safety systems with their distributed control systems (DCS) and comply with the latest rules, regulations and standards, including cyber security. ​

Honeywell TotalPlant Solution (TPS) users can opt for one of the following options to migrate their safety systems:

  • Evolution to Experion® PKS: Honeywell enables easy integration and evolution of TPS systems into the Experion PKS architecture. Experion PKS Orion, the latest release, offers integrated process control and advanced safety capabilities
  • Safety Manager: With Safety Manager, TPS users can move away from obsolete safety technology to a modern and cost-effective process safety architecture. This solution enables compliance with current industrial safety requirements and the latest cyber security standards as well as true integration with the DCS environment. The latest version of Safety Manager allows migration from FSC while safeguarding users' intellectual investment. Read more in the Solution Note under the Documentation tab.
  • TPS/TDC- Experion PKS Control Unification: The Enhanced High Performance Process Manager (EHPM) solutions make it easy for TPS users to migrate their legacy installed base to an Experion infrastructure while ensuring investment protection. They enable complete Safety Manager integration for legacy TPS-based systems currently utilizing UCN technology. 

​Honeywell has an integrated, holistic approach to safety that helps users improve their business performance. With its safety system migration strategy, installing an upgraded safety system does not necessarily require a lengthy shutdown. Starting with a safety audit, Honeywell uses careful planning and detailed engineering to help users upgrade legacy safety systems with minimal disruption to their operations. Unlike many outdated safety systems, Honeywell’s Safety Manager solution can be upgraded via software. In addition, users benefit from tight integration and peer-to-peer communication between the DCS and safety system, while the security of an independent environment from the mainline control system is maintained.

​With Honeywell’s Safety System Migration solution, industrial plants can establish a secure path forward to current technology. Benefits include:

  • Tight control with safety system integration
  • Enhanced plant automation performance
  • Easier and cost-effective  maintenance
  • Better alarm management
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • More reliable operations.
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Protecting Safety, Protecting Investments: An SIS Migration Honeywell completed an FSC to Safety Manager Controller migration program at the KOGAS Tongyeong LNG re-gasification plant in Korea. Minimizing downtime, Honeywell delivered a solution that extends the life of the safety system while enhancing reliability and efficiency. 632.47 KB12 Apr 2017
Borealis Chooses Safety Manager for Remote Cavern InstallationBorealis invested in a new cavern, by far the largest in Europe, to further optimize the plant’s feed flexibility. and determined that Safety Manager with Remote Universal I/O is the best solution for their situation, providing a cost-effective fiber optic cable installation.238.19 KB10 Oct 2016
DuPont Migrates to Honeywell Experion System and Improves Reliability and Availability at Memphis PlantTo update its facility and replace its legacy Fisher Provox control system with a next-generation Distributed Control System (DCS), DuPont selected Honeywell Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) with C300 controllers and Safety Manager. 199.92 KB9 Sep 2013
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