Safety Manager
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Safety Manager minimizes incidents, maximizes production uptime, reduces the cost of compliance and manages plant safety. It is targeted at a wide range of industries, including hydrocarbon processing, chemicals, oil and gas, and energy production. The latest version of Safety Manager offers even closer integration with Experion®, HART pass-through data integration to Field Device Manager (FDM), and a new I/O module supporting control in the field: the Universal Safety Logic Solver. 

Safety Manager is the safety solution of the Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS). Based on Quadruple Modular Redundant (QMR) technology, it provides a Safety Integrity Level (SIL)-certified integrated safety platform. Its secure architecture is certified by the  Embedded Device Security Assurance program as defined by the ISA Security Compliance Institute. Universal Safety I/O further enables flexibility, allowing process manufacturers to integrate multiple safety devices while simplifying engineering and reducing installation and maintenance costs. The Universal Safety Logic Solver safeguards the process even in the event of interruption in communication with the Safety Manager.

Safety Manager integrates process safety data, applications, system diagnostics and critical control strategies, and executes SIL-defined safety applications in a fully redundant architecture. Safety Builder, an intuitive and comprehensive configuration tool, provides plant-wide management of safety-critical databases and application programming for easy network design. Universal Safety I/O enables maximum architectural flexibility and lowest cost of ownership when safety is required at distributed locations. Based on Universal Channel Technology, its unique feature allows each channel to be configured individually to a different I/O type, eliminating the need for marshalling cabinets, home run cables and junction boxes at remote locations.

With Universal Safety Logic Solver, the safety application can be distributed into the field close to the process unit while maintaining a transparent overview. In addition to being an I/O module to Safety Manager, the Universal Safety I/O module is unique in also being able to execute the safety application locally, safeguarding the process in the event communications to the Safety Manager are interrupted.

Safety Manager enables compliance with plant safety standards, better system reliability and increased process uptime that lead to a safe production environment and operational savings. Universal Channel Technology and Universal Safety I/O enable Universal Cabinet designs to be standardized, significantly reducing engineering cost and schedule when applied broadly across a project. This approach is ideally suited to highly distributed applications such as oil and gas upstream applications, and reduces cost while increasing availability and efficiency. 

In addition, Honeywell offers the Safety Manager Field Device Unit (FDU), a combination of Safety Manager and Universal Safety I/O in a compact unit that meets safety standards for Safety Integrity Level three (SIL-3) out of the box, reducing start-up and lifecycle costs for smaller applications. 

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