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ControlEdge™ RTU  is a powerful, modular and scalable controller capable of all remote automation and control applications. In conjunction with Honeywell’s feature-rich SCADA products, it provides an integrated solution that solves complex remote automation requirements for distributed equipment. With Experion® SCADA, it helps users visualize what they need to know to simplify management of field assets and reduces configuration time by 80%. The RTU is now enhanced with native redundancy, expanded input/output (I/O) modules, and built-in wireless and HART​ I/O. ControlEdge RTU is your edge for improved management of distributed assets.​

With Honeywell’s ControlEdge RTU process controller, users will have an edge into realizing the best utilization of their distributed assets through efficient remote monitoring, diagnostic and asset management capabilities. 

The RTU is designed to withstand harsh environments and for easy deployment at remote sites. It also allows remote maintenance, thereby reducing the need to travel to the field. This solution offers a unique combination of capabilities:

  • Operates in harsh environments with low power consumption  ideal for remote installation and operation on solar power

  • Increased availability through native controller redundancy – no switch required for I/O communication

  • Hart-enabled onboard I/O and expansion I/O modules

  • Removable and plug-in terminal blocks simplify wiring and reduce time for cabinet assembly

  • A new onboard wireless I/O solution– no specialized modules needed to integrate ISA100 instruments. Both wired and wireless I/O devices are programmed and managed with same configuration tool.

  • Built-in HART I/O, and ISA100 field instrument integration with Field Device manager

  • Efficient remote management across hundreds to thousands of RTUs Reduce equipment monitoring and diagnostic time from hours to minutes.

  • Electronic Flow Metering (EFM) capability for both gas and liquids per API 21.1 and 21.2

ControlEdge Builder is the RTU’s integrated tool for designing, configuring, programming and maintaining the unit. It is compliant with IEC 61131-3 and supports languages such as Ladder Diagram (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Structured Text (ST) and Sequential Function Chart (SFC).

ControlEdge RTU offers flexible communication, thereby allowing deployment in a wide variety of existing or new network types. Two features that really differentiate RTUs from PLCs are communications capability and with that, data logging and history backfill. Users can locally store critical data during a communication outage or a period of very low bandwidth, allowing recovery of data at a later time.​

Honeywell’s RTU helps facilities effectively manage complex remote automation and control applications while converting data from complex automation systems into relevant, actionable information. This solution meets multi-well needs in the oil and gas field where additional I/O modules are required. The ControlEdge RTU reduces travel to the field, and reduces equipment monitoring and diagnostic time from hours to minutes. 

Typical oil and gas applications include:

  • Well-head monitoring & control

  • Data concentrator

  • Gas flow metering

  • Block-valve automation

  • Pump and compressor control

  • Gas stations.

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RTU2020 Process Controller - Infographic20/20 perfect vision for improved management of distributed oil & gas assets374.44 KBBrochure9 Nov 2017
Public Support Documentation
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Software Download13 Jul 2015English|8db3f33c-e70b-4bfd-9298-9153551305401.02 KBAga_DataTypes
Software Download26 Jan 2018This firmware package provides the ControlEdge RTU R150.1 Firmware. It is applied to the hardware of ControlEdge RTU, including SC-UCMX01, SC-UCNN11 and SC-UMIX01.185.6 KBControlEdge RTU R150.1 Firmware
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UNILUBE Uses UPC for Expansion of Lube Oil Plant With the Honeywell Universal Process Cabinet (UPC), United Lube Oil Company successfully commissioned a new lube oil plant in a short period within a tight turnaround schedule with reduced CAPEX.301.78 KB24 May 2018
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Case Study - ControlEdge RTU Optimizes Gas WellfieldCase Study about applying ControlEdge RTU to Gas Wellfield657.64 KB23 Apr 2018
ControlEdge RTU Optimizes Pipeline OperationsCase Study describing use of ControlEdge RTU in pipeline solution547.69 KB12 Apr 2018
Petroleum Company Uses ControlEdge RTU to Optimize Inventory ManagementControlEdge RTU case study without customer name.637.92 KB30 Jan 2018

​Honeywell offers training to help in the effective and consistent planning of the Honeywell RTU2020. Participants will learn more about the basic concepts and strategies to be considered while implementing the system.

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