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PlantCruise by Experion® is based on Honeywell’s award-winning Experion Process Knowledge System (EPKS) built to efficiently meet the needs of Honeywell users. It is a proven and purpose-built distributed control system (DCS) that is easy to use and maintain. 

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Based on the proven Experion C300 controller, PlantCruise offers the latest innovations:

  • Enhanced input/output (I/O) design

  • Simplified engineering and maintenance functionality

  • Honeywell-patented Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE) capability for greater reliability 

  • Profit® Loop algorithm for predictive control

  • Virtualization solutions for improved performance

  • Change control process verification for regulatory compliance. 

PlantCruise is the perfect platform for users to extend their scope at any time from process control and management to include personnel and assets and to even integrate the resources of their entire business operations. 

PlantCruise builds on the strong track record of Experion PKS and brings the best of Experion’s DCS technology to adjacent applications. Features include:

  • In-built function blocks and pre-built templates

  • Rich function libraries to easily create control strategies 

  • Support for custom algorithm blocks (CABs) and application development to suit industry and application-specific requirements

  • User-friendly tools such as Control Builder, Enhanced Bulk Builder, Quick Builder, Smart Reporting and HMIWeb Solution Pack

  • Simple human machine interface (HMI) including Abnormal Situation Management (ASM®) Consortium-compliant displays

  • Alarm management tools such as alarm shelving, alarming tracker and dynamic alarm suppression.

These features make PlantCruise quick to implement, effortless to use and easy to maintain. Users can greatly reduce the time required to engineer controls, displays, configure reports and build interfaces. In addition, PlantCruise makes it easier for operators to run the plant by giving them the information they need to make timely decisions without cluttering their view of the process. ​

PlantCruise by Experion is a proven DCS leveraging the Experion PKS system that is purpose-built to fit users’ application and is easy-to-use and configure. It enables users to:

  • Maximize uptime and improve plant reliability and efficiency 

  • Lower cost of ownership 

  • Enhance operator effectiveness through alarm management and displays

  • Provide scalability and complete control with unique combination of client server and flat architecture 

  • Communicate effortlessly with third-party devices and drives 

  • Scale to meet expanded or future system requirements.

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