SCS 2010
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SCS 2010 is a programmable logic controller (PLC) with a touch panel (HMI system) for small and medium applications. It is particularly well-suited for the control of sophisticated processes in the gas industry. ​​​

SCS 2010 offers reliability and simple and transparent operation due to its 6" touch panel with colour display. It solves complex control tasks, such as pressure, flow rate and temperature control, and also assists with data collection and communication. For customization, the basic hardware can be easily retrofitted with numerous optional input and output modules. Troubleshooting is made easy due to the transparent display of messages and control-room-type acknowledgement procedures for failure.

It can accomplish the following control tasks:

  • Outlet pressure control

  • Inlet pressure control

  • Meter protection

  • Flow control (standard and actual)

  • Position control for electrical and pneumatic valves

  • Caloric and Wwobbe control

  • Gas mixing control

  • Bypass control, cascade control

  • Gas temperature control

  • Dewpoint control

  • Optimising of gas supply

  • Automatic selection of measuring and control lines


  • Operating and monitoring process parameters

  • List of messages indicating station status/conditions

  • Graphs

  • Password protected

  • Web-based remote operation and supervision-based on TCP/IP networks

  • Remote connections using remote protocols IEC 60870-5-104 (101) (or others)

  • Quick Honeywell customer support via remote maintenance software

  • Major benefit: Security of gas supply.

In the event of a power blackout, this system will keep on operating pneumatically. Gas supply to downstream consumers is safe. SCS 2010 provides a safe and flexible automation system facilitating easy and simple link-up to all customary communication interfaces.

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