HON 985

HON 985

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HON 985 is a gas mixer with electrically adjustable mixing gap. It is used for adding fuel gas to the intake air.​

Features include: 

  • Mixing ratios can be perfectly adjusted across the entire power range in the range of ppms

  • Mixing ratio may be adjusted by electrically adjusting the mixing gap

  • Sensitive stepper motors provide for precise adjustment of mixing gap

  • Can handle multiple gas types (qualities) simultaneously – simply switch to the corresponding setting (e.g., sewage gas, natural gas or waste dump gas operation; also propane operation)

  • Suitable for various types of control loops (e.g., λ1 control loop, standard λ control loop, lean-burn engines, etc.)

  • Applicable for natural gas according to DVGW G 260 and low-calorific value gases (e.g., waste dump gas, sewage gas, mine gas, etc.)

  • SEP registration according to PED

  • Sizes 70/35, 100/50, 140/65, 200/100, 250/125, 300/150, 350/200

The design of the gas mixer is based on the operational data (which has been previously determined) and the type of gas engine (which is known). The mixing gap (and thus the mixing ratio) is set by means of a stepper motor. All control loops are suitable (e.g., λ1 control loops or standard λ control loops for lean-burn engines, etc.) Once the mixing gap has been adjusted, fuel gas is added to the airflow, always at the same time, irrespective of the load. The mixing ratio always stays the same, and the set value is always respected, even in the case of very dynamic events and load changes. All that remains to be done during operation are fine adjustments of the ratio (in the range of ppms) using a λ control loop. However, the stepper motor can also quickly switch to other settings, such as when changing from waste dump gas to natural gas without stopping the gas engine. There are two limit switches: (L)ean and (R)ich. It is always possible to use the limit switch (L)ean to switch to the start position of the gas mixing gap (which depends on the gas quality) by pre-defining a number of steps and re-launching the gas engine.

All mechanical components of this device are without ignition sources. As such, they are not subject to ATEX 95 (94/9/EC). All electrical components used with this device fulfil the ATEX requirements.

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