Gas Filters and Accessories

Gas Filters and Accessories

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Honeywell provides a wide range of filters, separators and accessories for deployment in gas pressure reducing and metering skids, city/regional gas distribution systems and commercial and industrial applications.

HON 121
HON 121 is an inline gas filter that is well suited for deployment at offtake stations in gas distribution as well as commercial and industrial facilities.
HON 122
HON 122 is an angle-type gas filter. It is designed to remove grit, dirt and pipe scale from the gas stream, and to provide the protection necessary for the efficient operation of gas pressure regulators, meters and control valves.
HON 124
HON 124 is an angle type gas filter designed to ensure a clean and positive supply of natural gas, air and other non-aggressive gases.
HON 126
HON 126 is a Y-type gas filter designed to ensure a clean and positive supply of natural gas, air and other non-aggressive gases.
HON 185/186
HON 185/186 is a solenoid-operated valve with an electronic timer. It is primarily used as a pressure management tool programmed to lower the outlet pressure during periods of low demand, thus reducing network leakage.
HON 580
HON 580 is a self-acting offset disc check valve. It is primarily used as an integral part, together with slam-shut and relief valve, of a discrimination system on stations feeding a common gas network.
HON 585
HON 585 is a self-acting, non-return check gas valve. Its purpose is to initiate the isolation of a faulty stream whilst protecting the healthy stream(s) from higher-than-acceptable pressure.
HON 590
HON 590 is a non-return gas valve for preventing gas reverse flow. It is used where air is mixed at higher pressure with fuel gas prior to combustion.
HON 905
HON 905 is a fine-mesh filter for gas control. It offers a large filtration area and a high degree of filtration.
HON 906 and 906a
HON 906 and HON 906a are cellular filters constructed to retain gas impurities such as dust, rust, and other solid particles moving within gas transporting lines, especially in front of gas pressure regulating and flow metering lines.
HON 907
HON 907 is an angular cellular gas filter according to DIN 3386.
HON 910a
HON 910a is a push-button valve with service position 'closed'.
HON 911a
HON 911a is a push-button gas valve with service position ‘open’.
HON 912
HON 912 is a 3-way push-button valve for safety shutoff valve (SSV) measuring lines, and for manual release function via underpressure shut-off.
HON 914
HON 914 is a test valve that is ideal for installation in measuring lines of safety devices.
HON 915
HON 915 is a vent valve that is well suited for protecting the installation room against inadmissible gas leaks from diaphragm assemblies.
HON 916
HON 916 test combination is a device for adjusting and testing safety shut-off valves (SSV) and safety relief valves (SRV).
HON 917
HON 917 is a monitoring device for leakage gas flows.
HON 919
HON 919 is an on/off valve that acts as a diaphragm break safety device for actuator systems K 1a, K 2a, K 2a/1, K 2a/2, K 4, K 5, K 6, K 10a, K 11a/1 and K 11a/2.
HON 925
HON 925 over-pressure protection fulfils the requirements of DVGW worksheet G 491.

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