HON 651 and HON 656

HON 651 and HON 656

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HON 651 and HON 656 are pneumatic pilots with electric motor for setpoint adjustment. These are used for outlet pressure control. ​

Features include: 

  • Pilot with electric setpoint adjuster for lines with changing operational conditions

  • For remote setpoint adjustment through central control stations

  • Manual setpoint adjustment is possible at the electric motor

  • Suitable for natural gas and all non-corrosive gaseous media

HON 651

  • Max. inlet pressure pu max: 100 bar

  • Outlet pressure range Wd: 0.5 bar to 90 bar

  • Pilot HON 651 combined with electric motor and gearbox connected to the outlet pressure stage according to DIN/ISO 5210 T1 F10

HON 656

  • Max. inlet pressure pu max: 100 bar

  • Outlet pressure range Wd: 0.5 bar to 90 bar

  • Pilot HON 655 combined with electric motor and gearbox connected to the outlet pressure stage according to DIN/ISO 5210 T1 F10

  • During outlet pressure rises the flowrate is limited to a maximal value due to the integrated differential pressure stage

  • Details about motors and electrical connections upon request.

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