Cloud Link 4G Modem

Cloud Link 4G Modem

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Cloud Link 4G Modems are designed for battery-powered applications and outdoor operations. Easy to configure and troubleshoot, the 4G wireless cellular modems integrate with the EC 350 Volume Corrector and are fully field-programmable and simple. They feature short-range wireless communication or serial interfaces and associated set of programming software.​

The Cloud Link 4G Modem is a 4G/LTE cellular device that processes serial data originating from any source, including a Honeywell electronic volume corrector or data logger. In sleep mode, the modem consumes 100 times less power than competitive products while still being able to be reactivated by an external signal.


The Cloud Link 4G Modem is CSA, Class I Div 2 approved, making it a practical solution for gas measurement applications where safety is always a concern. This modem can be configured using the MasterLink software that is used to configure other Honeywell Mercury electronic volume correctors and data loggers, thus requiring no additional software. MasterLink is also available as an app that can be installed on iOS and Android devices. 




The Cloud Link 4G Modem can be easily retrofitted in MiWireless enclosures as well. A dedicated kit is available to support a smooth transition from 2G/3G to 4G networks.




Cloud Link 4G Modem requires minimal power to operate compared to other cellular modems available in the market today. Features and Benefits include:




















  • 4G LTE transparent serial communication unit








  • For 2G/3G to 4G migrations, the Cloud Link 4G Modem is easy to retrofit in MiWireless assemblies








  • Internal modem power control








  • Bluetooth low energy interface can be used for wireless configuration








  • Configured through MasterLink programming software and app.
























































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