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The CNI4 is a 4G/LTE, battery-operated, easy to configure dual-channel pulse data logger designed to support most commercial & Industrial (C&I) smart metering/automatic meter reading (AMR) analog modem-based applications.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

With this advanced cellular pulse data logger, both input channels and stored consumptions can be independently scaled to different units of measure, providing maximum value and flexibility.

The CNI4 Pulse Data Logger is designed for low-power and outdoor operation. It is ideal for call-In applications involving meter data management (MDM) and can directly connect to PowerSpring or couple with the InvisiConnect software to interface with third-party MDM systems.

The CNI4 is fully integrated in the Honeywell Mercury® Instruments ecosystem and is easy to program through its Bluetooth Low Energy interface and associated configuration software. The unit can be configured using the same MasterLink software that is used to configure Honeywell Mercury electronic volume correctors, data loggers and modems. No additional software is required. In addition, MasterLink is now available as an app that can be installed on IOS and Android devices.

The CNI4 is CSA Class I Div 2 approved, making it a perfect solution for gas measurement applications where safety is always a concern.

The CNI4 supports pulse counting inputs. Pulse signal inputs (dry contact) and alarm inputs can be supplied from an external electronic corrector or other measurement device. An index base option with both a mechanical index display and pulse switch output is available.

​​The CNI4 offers a multi-channel, pulse recording, cellular wireless data logger, all in one composite case. It offers great benefits to users involved in energy measurement for billing, trading, load management, distribution engineering and custody transfer. 

The CNI4 makes gas meter pulses available remotely to the billing system, can be mounted directly on the meter and is battery operated. It provides significant installation and operational savings.​

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CNI4 Installation and Operations ManualCNI4 Installation and Operations ManualProduct Manual2 Feb 2018
CNI4 DatasheetDesigned for C&I Smart Metering/AMI Analog Modem ApplicationsBrochure14 Sep 2017
GMDMS Cyber Security WhitepaperGas Metering and Data Management: understanding growing Cyber Security threats. Whitepaper31 Aug 2017
Gas Measurement and Data Management Solutions Overview BrochureGas Measurement and Data Management Solutions Overview BrochureBrochure25 Apr 2017
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