MiWireless 350 Power and Communication Assemblies

MiWireless 350 Power and Communication Assemblies

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The MiWireless 350 product line provides a platform based comprehensive selection of communication hardware and power supply systems, optimized to integrate with the Honeywell Mercury® precision measurement instruments.

The MiWireless 350 platform leverages the latest innovations in battery operated instruments such as the EC 350 and ERX 350, and low power 4G cellular radios such as Cloud Link R100 or Cloud Link with Cat M1 radio support.

This platform can be configured using the MasterLink software that is used to configure other Honeywell Mercury® electronic volume correctors, data loggers and Modems. No additional software is required. In addition, MasterLink is now available as an App that can be installed on IOS and Android devices. MiWireless can also be seamlessly integrated in PowerSpring or TDS based solutions.

The MiWireless 350 products can be used as:

  • Pressure Monitor in the gas transmission and distribution lines.

  • Electronic Volume Correction in demanding custody transfer applications.

  • Communication assemblies in Hazardous locations.

  • Power assemblies for remote equipment

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