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Alarm-Link is an automated alarm monitoring software package that records, processes, and provides alarm notifications from a Mercury Instruments electronic volume corrector or recorder. It can be used by gas meter shops, utility dispatchers, or by a contracted service vendor to monitor and dispatch instrument alarms.​

The flexibility of Alarm-Link allows users to configure the software to their specific needs and categorize specific alarms as critical or non-critical. This determines what action is to be taken upon receipt of each type of alarm. For example, while processing a Low Pressure alarm (typically defined as a ‘critical’ alarm), the defined action might be to notify the technician on call. However, for a Low Battery alarm (typically defined as a ‘non-critical’ alarm), the defined action may be to send the notification to a printer so that corrective action can be taken at a later time.

Alarm-Link is easy to use, with software configuration, utility functions, reporting functions, and help information available through dropdown menus. Windows functionality makes most tasks a simple ‘point and click’ operation.

Users can change the Alarm-Link software configuration at any time to meet their changing requirements, including: 

  • Site List: Add new sites, copy a site, modify existing sites, or delete sites from list

  • Critical: Classify alarms as critical or non-critical

  • Action: Select action for alarm type

  • Modem ID: Assign Modem ID and pager group to sites in the site list

  • Pager Number: Add/delete pager numbers

  • Pager Group: Assign pager number(s) to a site ID and schedule pager coverage

  • Serial Port: Specify baud rate, dial type, dial prefix, and port selection

Users can also use the software to generate reports, including activity and alarm logs, and manage activity log files. 

​Alarm-Link puts control in users’ hands through automatic alarm notification of remote instruments. 

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