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InvisiConnect is a universal connectivity solution that transparently and securely connects telemetry systems via cellular IP service.

InvisiConnect comprises software as well as remote, cellular hardware. Simple to setup and requiring no database, the server software runs on Windows NT, 2000 and XP operating systems. 

InvisiConnect Server software provides an ultra secure, transparent connection to users’ application software via IP sockets or PC COM ports. In the field, InvisiConnect CNI series hardware provides the interface between the cellular network and users’ remote data acquisition terminal device via an RS232 connection. No application software, protocol or data structure modifications are necessary.

InvisiConnect CNI hardware offers the features users need most, including digital inputs and outputs for added functionality in the field. A second serial port is optional as well so the CNI can do double duty at a very low cost.  

InvisiConnect features include:

  • Multi-band GSM/GPRS, CDMA/1XRTT digital cellular transceiver

  • Supports both CSD and IP connectivity

  • RS232 connection to remote data terminal equipment (RS485 optional)

  • 'AT' command support & hardware/software flow control options for both ends

  • Reports event status of up to five user accessed digital inputs

  • Provides up to two digital outputs for control

  • DES-based encryption for secure access

  • For maximum security, remote hardware acts as client and not as server

  • Over-the-air programming of CNI series cellular hardware

  • Provides portability and overall lower installation costs

  • Provides electrical isolation from network

  • CNI series hardware available fully packaged or as OEM PCA module

  • Converts many systems: traffic control, SCADA, security, etc​.

​With InvisiConnect, even most legacy telemetry systems can be converted to operate on today's cellular IP (packet data) services as offered by more than 120 GSM and CDMA mobile carriers around the world.

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