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Utility companies in the gas transmission and distribution market need modern, future-proof solutions supporting key industry trends such as digital innovation, IIoT applications and the growth of mobile technology. MasterLink configuration and calibration software is an integrated software solution that works across the entire gas portfolio.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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​MasterLink provides a single software package to configure, calibrate and access data from gas volume correctors. The software’s intuitive dashboard enables users to quickly determine the overall health status of instruments. Employing standardized terminology, it makes it easy to configure and calibrate instruments, import data, and generate reports and graphs, thereby eliminating time-consuming manual effort. ​

​​The latest version of MasterLink software addresses the increasing adoption of mobile devices for functions such as checking the health of field devices, downloading reports, instrument calibration, and other activities once performed exclusively on a laptop. Honeywell’s value-added services have transformed the MasterLink software from simply a configuration and calibration tool to a robust collaboration solution driving increased productivity throughout the user’s instrumentation maintenance department. 

MasterLink offers a modern, state-of-the-art device configuration and calibration solution that is rendered future-proof by incorporating the current industry trends of digital innovation, IIoT and workforce mobility.


With MasterLink, gas operators can automate routine configuration and calibration tasks. This results in increased productivity and cost savings due to reduced time spent in the field. The software simplifies locating devices in unfamiliar areas, and can be employed for a comprehensive site survey to eliminate uncertainty before CAPEX decisions. Users also benefit from seamless integration with meter data management (MDM) and cloud solutions. Honeywell’s remote Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) support further minimizes downtime.
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MasterLink FlyerGas Metering Made Smarter with Honeywell MasterLinkBrochure24 Apr 2017
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MasterLinkR515.1-MiWi350 R110.1-Software-Download-DatasheetEnglish|8db3f33c-e70b-4bfd-9298-915355130540Software Download30 Jul 2020
MasterLink Installation Guide R515.1_15.1.28MasterLink Installation Guide R515.1_15.1.28Software Download29 Jul 2020
MasterLink User's Guide R515.1_15.1.28English|8db3f33c-e70b-4bfd-9298-915355130540Software Download29 Jul 2020
MasterLink-R515.1_MiWi350 R110.1 Software Change NoticeMasterLink-R515.1_MiWi350 R110.1 Software Change NoticeSoftware Download29 Jul 2020
MasterLinkR515.1 Software Download DatasheetEnglish|8db3f33c-e70b-4bfd-9298-915355130540Software Download27 Jul 2020
MasterLink Installation GuideMasterLink Installation GuideSoftware Download18 May 2020
MasterLink-515 User's GuideMasterLink-515 User's GuideSoftware Download1 Apr 2020
MasterLink-R515.1_dep_SCNMasterLink-R515.1_dep_SCNSoftware Download10 Mar 2020
MasterLinkR510.7 Software Download DatasheetSoftware Download sheet for ML R510.7Software Download8 Nov 2019
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