Elster Rotary Gas Meter
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Elster® Rotary Gas Meters offer robust and accurate measurement instruments for gas distribution companies. Based on proven technology and bundled with advanced features to meet tomorrow’s requirement, Elster gas meters provide exceptional performance and reliability with features like high maximum operating pressure, low pressure drop, and wide rangeability.

Elster Rotary gas meters are characterized by compact dimensions and extended measuring range. They ensure high accuracy, even under low or irregular gas flow conditions. 

The rotary meters combine tried and tested product features of the RPM and IRM rotary meter product lines with new advanced features. The new rotary meter offers a set of features that meets virtually all market applications in one simple design.

The rotary gas meters utilize the rotary type positive displacement principle of operation which makes volumetric measurements by displacing finite volumes of gas. The positive displacement occurs within a cavity formed between the meter’s internal housing and its rotating impellers. The counter-rotating impellers turn as a result of pressure drop across the meter’s inlet and outlet created as downstream gas is consumed. The rotating impellers separate the flowing gas into small, finite, volumes and are counted using a mechanical index.
Elster Rotary Gas Meters offer the following benefits: 

  • Greater rangeability than other meters 

  • Significant reduction in device inventory 

  • Increased maximum operational pressure (MAOP) 

  • Low pressure drop, enabling flexibility in station design 

  • Reduction in hazardous noise for safer operations 

  • Reduction in piston speed for longer asset life 

  • Low total cost of ownership 

  • Simple installation and commissioning 

  • Compact design and ease of use 

  • Environmentally friendly design

  • Bundled with electronic volume corrector for single vendor sourcing.

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