Elster Turbine Gas Meters
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Honeywell offers multiple types of turbine gas meters for fiscal and non-fiscal applications. This includes the Elster® TRZ2 and Elster® SM-RI-X which are approved for custody transfer by PTB and NMI. For light and heavy industrial metering applications we offer highly reliable Quantometers for secondary metering purposes.

Honeywell Elster® turbine gas meters are robust meters used to accurately and reliably measure gas consumption in gas distribution, transmission, industrial plants and for commercial users. Over decades they have proven to be highly accurate from the first calibration on to the end of their lifetime many years later. This is why leading gas distribution and transmission companies around the globe rely on the Elster® line of turbine meters for their standard gas metering applications. Meters are available from sizes 2” (DN50) to 24” (DN600) and in pressure classes ranging from PN10 to ANSI600 as a standard.​

The gas flowing through the meter sets a turbine wheel in motion. The number of revolutions of the wheel is proportional to the volume passing through the meter. To optimize measurement performance a flow straightener eliminates flow disturbances such as swirl or asymmetric flow that are created e.g. by bends or T-pieces upstream of the meter. After the flow conditioner the cross-section of the meter is reduced to increase flow velocity and consequently increase the driving impulse of the medium on the turbine wheel. A mechanical or electronic index on the meter gives the user information of the total value of gas which has flown through the meter at operating conditions.

​​Honeywell Elster Turbine Gas Meters offer reliable and accurate volume flow measurement in a large range of sizes and pressure rating while being fully compliant with international standards. Honeywell is the risk-free choice for your gas flow measurement applications.

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Profiles CustomerMag Vol 3 2017Profile is a magazine showcasing Honeywell's latest offerings in metering and control for the Oil and Gas industry. This is our third issue for 2017.Marketing Newsletter29 Nov 2017
Profiles 2017-01Profile is a magazine showcasing Honeywell's latest offerings in metering and control for the Oil and Gas industry. Read our First issue for 2017 on the QSonic ultrasonic flow meter series.Marketing Newsletter25 Apr 2017
Honeywell Elster Q & Q75 Quantometer DatasheetDatasheet for Elster Turbine gas meters for secondary metering in the heavy industrial and commercial space. Not approved for fiscal measurement. Used for inplant allocation, process monitoring and control. Brochure15 Feb 2017
Honeywell Elster TurbinScope DatasheetDatasheet for our service offering TurbinScope. Diagnostics for Turbine Meters of Honeywell meters and third party. Basis for preventive maintenance and trust in measurement.Brochure15 Feb 2017
Elster QA & QAe Quantometer DatasheetNon-Fiscal Turbine Meter for light industrial and commerical applications. For heavy industry consult the Q/Q75 datasheet. Aluminium meter bodies.Brochure14 Feb 2017
Honeywell Elster TRZ2 Turbine Gas MeterDatasheet for TRZ2 Turbine Gas Meter Available in Sizes 2" to 6" (DN50 to DN150) For larger sizes please consult SM-RI-X Datasheet.Brochure13 Feb 2017
Honeywell Elster SM-RI-X Gas Turbine Meter DatasheetDatasheet for Elster SM-RI-X Turbine Gas Meter. Available in sizes 8" to 24" (DN200 to 600). For smaller sizes please search for TRZ2. Brochure13 Feb 2017
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