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With a broader hydrocarbon mix and an increased number of pipelines, some carrying contaminated natural gas, transport grid operators need greater insight into the process. High accuracy and reliability of the metering solution are key, and operators need consistent, precise measurements they can rely on.​​​​​​​​

Honeywell’s CBM system, MeasconTM, fully integrates Honeywell’s high-pressure products (such as ultrasonic meters, flow computers and gas chromatographs) and takes performance to the next level. The powerful condition based monitoring capabilities detect any significant change either in the flow meter itself or in the process and environment in which it is operating. It runs on a PC, tablet or smartphone, makes sense of complicated data, shows trends, and allows users or a Honeywell expert to see a problem and troubleshoot it. Meascon historical diagnostic information can be used as a basis to extend the periods between the calibration intervals specified by the regulatory authorities.

​​Meascon enables detailed data analysis for making better decisions regarding maintenance and recalibration. Relevant data is available at the primary and secondary measuring devices in the field, and Meascon makes it possible to take this information and make it useful. It regularly pulls and stores relevant diagnostic data and provides a diagnostic dashboard with a real-time view of your gas metering station(s). It automates Condition-based monitoring 24/7, detects problems before they occur, and helps to keep measurement uncertainty as low as possible. Streamlining the maintenance process and remote support options reduce operational expenses.

​​Meascon enables gas operators to implement effective preventive maintenance strategies and minimize instrument calibration requirements in order to reduce their operating expenses. The system allows for easy health monitoring of your complete metering system.

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Meascon DatasheetMeascon DatasheetBrochure5 Jun 2017
Ultrasonic Metering Overview BrochureA portfolio of natural gas metering systems (USM) and services tailored to the demanding needs of the midstream.Brochure25 May 2017
Meascon- Take full control of measurementsHoneywell Elster Precision Solutions offers Meascon - the CBM system that fully integrates with Ultrasonic flow metering system, taking performance to the next level. Article Reprint16 Mar 2017
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