Telecom & Industrial Security - Integrated Safety & Control Solutions from Honeywell

Telecom & Industrial Security - Integrated Safety & Control Solutions from Honeywell

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Honeywell offers a spectrum of physical security solutions for industrial facilities with a complete core offering tightly integrated seamlessly to users' control systems. The flexibility of Experion® Industrial Security enables security coverage from day one of construction through full operations, helping reduce risk of overruns in time and cost. Along with a consistent global project methodology, Honeywell delivers improved site security through situational awareness and early detection, more information for better response, and improved operator productivity. 

Honeywell also offers Industrial Cyber Security Solutions that focus on reducing or removing risk from today 's process control environment. A vendor-neutral suite based on phases of the industrial IT lifecycle, it addresses risk management from three perspectives - people, process and technology. Industrial Cyber Security Solutions help minimize vulnerability to cyber attacks, improve recovery and reduce loss of view and control.

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Access Management
Access Management, part of the Experion Industrial Security solution, is a highly configurable access control system that provides unprecedented control and management over security operations.
Command and Control Suite
With integrated incident workflow, rapid access to information, contextual awareness and ease-of-use, Command and Control Suite helps reduce risk to business operations within an industrial facility.
  • Digitized Workforce Management
    Honeywell’s Digitized Workforce management is an advanced, fully integrated workforce management solution to help you improve productivity, safety and compliance for employees, contractors and visitors.
  • Integrated Security Management Platform
    Experion Industrial Security seamlessly integrates access control, alarm paging, digital video management, video surveillance and perimeter intrusion detection under a common operator interface.
    Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solution
    Honeywell’s Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PIDS) solution extends the area of protection to help users detect perimeter intrusions in time for assessment and action.
    Pipeline Security and Safety
    OptaSense provides cost-effective, round-the-clock security leak detection and condition monitoring of assets such as pipelines and site perimeters using standard telecommunications fiber optic cable.
    Real Time Location Solution (RTLS)
    Honeywell’s Real Time Location Solutionis a Real-time monitoring solution for personnel and assets across the site.
    Video Surveillance Solution
    Honeywell’s intelligent video surveillance solution provides assessment capabilities and improves situational awareness at each layer of the integrated security system.

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