Real Time Location Solution (RTLS)

Real Time Location Solution (RTLS)

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When it comes to running an industrial facility, your people always come first. It is becoming crucial to invest in new, innovative technology that can improve the safety, and security, while supporting productivity improvement and accountability of personnel and process

Honeywell has the right solution to help you obtain actionable information from real time location of workers and assets to improve safety, security and productivity of your workforce and assets.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Honeywell’s RTLS is a Real-time monitoring solution for personnel and assets across the site, enabling a more productive, efficient and safe workplace.

Honeywell Real-time Location Solution (RTLS) is specifically designed for the demands of modern industrial plants.

The advanced technology based system, comprises of active RFID tags with longer battery life and long range receivers, while leveraging existing wireless infrastructure, thereby enabling wider site coverage, lower infrastructure cost and higher location accuracy. With real time visibility and advanced business rules, the solution helps derive valuable insights into your plant operations enabling improved safety, security & productivity.

  • Reduced site mustering time from hours to minutes, faster search & rescue
  • Monitor hazardous area movements
  • Improve safety with fatigue monitoring, panic button option on cards
  • Increase accountability & efficiency of workforce
  • Monitor internal plant areas without gates and fences with virtual zone
  • Reduce loss work hours due to missing critical assets by tagging them
  • Instantaneous Inventory report of tagged assets
  • Improve process, faster people movement, identify bottlenecks thereby reducing non- productive work hours and more time on work site

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