Video Surveillance Solution

Video Surveillance Solution

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​​Honeywell’s intelligent video surveillance solution provides assessment capabilities and improves situational awareness at each layer of the integrated security system. This comprehensive surveillance solution helps identify potential threats throughout a facility, including hazardous areas, as well as the perimeter and beyond.

Watch the Digital Video Manager video.

At the core of the Video Surveillance solution is Honeywell’s Digital Video Manager (DVM), a scalable, enterprise class IP-based digital video system. DVM is the industry’s only enterprise-grade digital video solution that sets new standards in operational efficiencies, cost-effectiveness and performance for industrial plants. DVM seamlessly integrates with Experion PKS process control platforms and Experion Industrial Security integrated security management platforms, delivering enterprise-wide access to process and security video.

DVM is based on more than a decade of experience with digital video and used extensively in a wide range of markets, including oil and gas, refining, chemicals, metals, minerals and mining, power generation, pulp and paper, and marine.  DVM is the most trusted solution in the industry to increase situational awareness, safety, security and process performance.
Honeywell’s DVM is built on industry-standard networks, hardware and software applications, thereby simplifying support needs and reducing the total cost of ownership. It supports multiple manufacturers’ IP and analog cameras, providing users with the choice to select cameras that suit their project requirements. Existing analog cameras can be integrated with DVM using encoders, thus leveraging the existing investment in hardware and cabling.
DVM's advanced intelligent video analytics capability automatically detects events within the video stream and generates alarms, reducing the operator load caused by continuous monitoring of multiple cameras.

The key benefits of Digital Video Manager include :

  • Improved situational awareness for operators

  • Fast access to video related to a process or security alarm

  • Unprecedented availability and reliability

  • Intelligent recording

  • Automated camera tamper and visual degradation detection
  • Intelligent video analytics that reduce operator load

  • Enhanced credibility of evidence video through digitally signed exported video clips.

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Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner.  Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College, as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time.​

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