HercuLine Electric Actuators

HercuLine Electric Actuators

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​Honeywell’s HercuLine® electric actuators are designed for precise positioning of dampers and quarter-turn valves. They perform exceptionally well in demanding environments and simplify configuration, process monitoring and maintenance for users. ​

Two series of the HercuLine actuators are available:

  • HercuLine 2000 Series Actuators are low-torque (50 to 400 lb-in), precision electric actuators that introduce the added benefits of a microprocessor-based Enhanced Electronics Unit (EEU). They are ideal to position dampers and quarter-turn butterfly valves

  • HercuLine 10260 Series Actuators

    • HercuLine 10260A actuators are medium-torque industrially rated rotary actuators (10 to 300 lb – ft)

    • HercuLine 10260S Smart actuators are also equipped with a microprocessor-based EEU and are suited for environments requiring continuous duty, high reliability and low maintenance. Typical applications include furnace pressure dampers, gas/air valves, windbox dampers, and coal mill dampers

In addition, Honeywell offers HercuLink software to enable access to programming and communication functions using RS485/Modbus communications. ​

​HercuLine actuators are easy to start up, operate and own. Simple programmable electronics enable easy configuration, while RS485/Modbus RTU Communication enables plant-wide integration and communication access to all actuator parameters and ease of networking with other Honeywell control products. The actuators can also be easily integrated into HART-based control and maintenance networks through HART Communication.

Their non-contact position sensing provides high repeatability (0.2% of span), increased accuracy, and low non-linearity for higher quality. The actuators reduce dead time and overshoot as they start and stop almost instantaneously. As a result, users benefit from precise and responsive control. Process monitoring is simplified through programmable output relays that can be assigned to high or low temperature, stall, and input signal or position sensor failure.

​Honeywell’s HercuLine actuators offer precision and high reliability to ensure processes operate at maximum efficiency with minimal downtime and lowest lifetime cost. Users benefit from reduced maintenance costs, accurate and repeatable performance over the lifetime of the product. 
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Public Support Documentation
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