Control Valves

Control Valves

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Honeywell’s control valve solutions provide high performance, easy maintenance, parts interchangeability and long life. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, these are ideal for users in oil and gas, power, petrochemicals, steel and other manufacturing sectors. 

Honeywell’s control valve solutions are currently available only for users in Asia-Pacific. 

Honeywell’s solution for final control element used in modern plants includes control valve assemblies and accessories such as airsets, positioners, current to pneumatic converters, limit switches and pressure gauges. 

Honeywell offers the following types of control valves: 

  • Single/ Double Seated Globe valves 

  • Seated Angle Valves 

  • Butterfly Valves

  • Mixing/ Diverting Seated 3-Way Valves 

  • V-Notch Ball Valves

  • Full Bore Seated Ball Valves

The valves are available in different materials and with pressure and temperature ratings to suit user-specific applications. With Honeywell’s control valve solutions, users benefit from safe, efficient and cost-effective final control capability in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. 

A control signal (pneumatic or electronic) manipulates the control valve and positions it to enable accurate control of fluid flow for achieving profitable production requirements, while reducing unnecessary costs. This predictable process variable control forms part of the control loops, for instance, in a production operation.

With a large installed base, Honeywell brings proven experience and quality assurance system. In addition, its modular solutions enable easy and cost-effective part replacement. 

Honeywell’s control valve solutions help users meet their final control requirements effectively to 

  • achieve desired product quality at reduced operational costs 

  • minimize process and product variability

  • carry out safe and reliable process control in compliance with established standards and procedures.

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Cylinder Actuator Manual Series 6200Manual on Cylinder Actuator Series 6200.599.3 KBProduct Manual4 Dec 2015
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Series 9130 Mixing/Diverting Seated 3-Way Valves ManualManual on Series 9130 Mixing/Diverting Seated.158.74 KBTech Spec15 Sep 2014
Series 9120 Seated Angle Valves for ANSI 150-600Specification on Series 9120 Seated Angle Valves.482.81 KBTech Spec12 Sep 2014
V-Notch Valve Manual Series 9310.Manual on V-Notch Valve Series 9310.1.69 MBProduct Manual10 Sep 2014
Series 6100 Pneumatically Operated Spring Opposed Diaphragm ActuatorsSpecifications on Series 6100 Pneumatically Operated Spring Opposed Diaphragm Actuators.250 KBTech Spec5 Sep 2014
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