MatrikonOPC Integration

MatrikonOPC Integration

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​MatrikonOPC offers the industry’s most extensive portfolio of OPC connectivity products and applications. Its solutions integrate Honeywell’s products such as the HC900 Controller, MasterLogic PLC, single loop controllers, control systems, actuators and analyzers with third-party SCADA, historians and human machine interfaces (HMIs) to provide the ideal data connectivity. 

MatrikonOPC provides equipment data connectivity software based on the OPC standard. MatrikonOPC’s OPC Servers and OPC Clients are used to provide supplier-neutral data connectivity for the following applications:

  1. Multi-vendor system integration   
  2. SCADA and plant data acquisition systems
  3. Remote monitoring
  4. Energy management and reduction 
  5. Environmental monitoring and reporting
  6. Regulatory compliance and reporting
  7. Batch quality control
  8. Analytics and reporting
  9. Commissioning and testing data acquisition

The following MatrikonOPC products are available with Honeywell products: 

  • Universal PLC Server
  • OPC Server for Modbus
  • OPC Redundancy Broker
  • OPC Security Gateway
  • OPC Tunneller
  • OPC Data Manager
  • OPC Excel Reporter
  • Easy OPC Trender and MicroHistorian

MatrikonOPC products are used in a wide variety of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power, mining, and waste water. As the leading OPC open connectivity supplier, MatrikonOPC integrates its products with Honeywell and third-party control systems and devices.

MatrikonOPC solutions offer the fastest and most secure way to make OPC connections, share and map data, provide redundancy, consolidate OPC servers and provide certified OPC tunneling. With offices in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, MatrikonOPC combines local presence with global scale. It is a supplier neutral connectivity supplier.  

​MatrikonOPC solutions provide reliable data access to all major automation suppliers’ systems, provide practical OPC training and deliver superior customer care. Reliable data access provides manufacturers with data and connectivity to enhance plant efficiency and reliability.

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Thermal Industry Brochure Sep 2013Solutions for Improved Thermal Process Performance.858.43 KBBrochure3 Oct 2013
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