SmartLine Wireless Universal I/O

SmartLine Wireless Universal I/O

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The SmartLine Wireless Universal I/O Transmitters enable users to bring in high level analog inputs, thermocouples, milli-volt and discrete contact closure inputs wirelessly into their control system. The transmitters save time and money by eliminating the manual reading of field devices and improve monitoring capabilities through automated data collection.

The flexibility of supporting different input types provides a low cost solution to provide multiple readings using a single field installed device.


SmartLine Wireless Universal I/O Transmitters are available in two models:

STUW750 - Supports a total of three inputs which can be a combination of 1-3 high level analog inputs (0-20 mA/4- 20 mA) or 1-3 thermocouple, milli-volt or discrete inputs

STUW751 - Supports two inputs, which can be a combination of 1-2 high level analog inputs (0-20 mA/4-20 mA), 1-2 thermocouple inputs, 1-2 milli-volt inputs or 1-2 discrete inputs and one discrete output that can be used to trigger an alarm or turn on/off a device. 

Honeywell’s Universal I/O Transmitters convert measurements into a wireless signal that can be transmitted to another transmitter, field router, or access point which then ultimately transmits the message to a gateway. These nodes wirelessly intercommunicate, forming a managed, secure and redundant network.

Honeywell’s gateway (Wireless Device Manager) provides the path to bring information into any control system via many common interfaces including: OPC client, HART or Modbus/TCP.  Integration with Experion® PKS and other control systems provides local measurement accuracy to the system level without adding typical A/D and D/A converter inaccuracies.

The SmartLine Wireless Universal I/O Transmitters are fully compliant to the international ISA100 wireless standard.

​The ability to mix and match multiple input types along with a discrete output in a single device reduces the installation and configuration costs involved in using multiple single function devices. In addition, the Honeywell’s Universal I/O Transmitters enhance users’ flexibility to monitor applications that have no access to power, that are remote or difficult to reach and that may require frequent reconfiguration. 

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EU certificate for SmartLine Wireless Transmitter,50136122European Union Declaration of Conformity for SmartLine Series Wireless TransmittersSupport Document28 Oct 2019

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