SmartLine Wireless Pressure
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Honeywell's SmartLine Wireless Pressure transmitter is a combination of the SmartLine Pressure (non-wireless) transmitter and the evolution of the XYR™ 6000 Pressure transmitter. The SmartLine Wireless Pressure transmitter utilizes the same pressure meter bodies, including the high-performance offering (Series 800) and high value offering (Series 700), as the non-wireless offering.  Standardizing on the same meter bodies lowers your total inventory costs.

The evolution of the field-proven XYR 6000 Pressure transmitter continues the advantages that users value:

  • ISA100™ Wireless compliance
  • Over the air provisioning for joining the wireless network
  • Over the air firmware upgrade
  • Commercially available, long-life batteries
  • Mesh and non-meshing capability
  • Reliable and secure wireless
SmartLine Wireless Absolute Pressure
SmartLine Wireless Absolute Pressure Transmitter is ideal for applications in which high accuracy in the vacuum range of pressure is needed. Typical applications include low-pressure measurement in vacuum distillation columns.
SmartLine Wireless Differential Pressure
SmartLine Wireless Differential Transmitters can be used with any primary flow element to provide proven, repeatable flow measurement
SmartLine Wireless Flange Mount
SmartLine Wireless Flange Mount transmitters may be installed directly onto a tank flange and are offered with a variety of tank connections.
SmartLine Wireless Gauge Pressure
SmartLine Wireless Gauge Pressure Transmitters are designed for applications that require high accuracy and reliability for safe and economical operation.

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