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​Honeywell's complete line of conductivity cells and mountings help measure, analyze and transmit valuable conductivity, resistivity and concentration information in simple and complex industrial processes.

4905 Immersion or Flow Thru Mounting
Honeywell’s 4905 series of conductivity cells ensures accurate conductivity measurement under varying temperature and pressure conditions, has corrosion resistant polyethersulfone (PES) body and assortment of mounting options.
4909 Ball Valve or Insertion Mounting
Honeywell’s 4909 series of conductivity cells provides highly reliable and accurate conductivity measurement to satisfy diverse process needs.
4973 Flow Thru Mounting
Honeywell’s 4973 series of conductivity cells ensures reliable and accurate conductivity measurement, and is suitable for all-purpose applications.
5000TC Toroidal Conductivity Sensor
The Honeywell 5000TC conductivity sensors are specifically designed for monitoring conductivity, chemical concentration or salinity in complex processes where coating, fouling, corrosion or high temperatures and/or pressures are a concern.
APT2000 Contacting Conductivity Transmitter
APT2000 transmitter provides accurate conductivity measurements and help diagnose and rectify errors occurring in electronic equipment. It offers continuous diagnostics for monitoring calibration, cell health and analyzer self-test.
APT2000 Toroidal Conductivity Analyzers
APT2000 provides accurate conductivity measurement using Toroidal Cells. APT2000TC series comprises a two-wire 24-volt device that continuously monitors sensor and analyzer electronics and immediately displays diagnostic information.
APT4000 Contacting Conductivity Analyzers
APT4000 series of Contacting Conductivity Analyzers provide accurate measurements in different process applications from high purity water measurement up to high conductivity for acid and base concentrations.
APT4000 Toroidal Conductivity Analyzer
APT4000 Toroidal Conductivity Analyzer is designed to measure the conductivity, chemical concentration and salinity in a wide-range of processes such as those used in power, chemical, food and dairy, pulp and paper, refinery, metals and other industries.
DL4000 Conductivity Cells
DL4000 line of conductivity cells are used with the DL423 for reliable, continuous measurement of electrolytic conductivity up to 140ºC and 250 psig.
DL423 Conductivity Transmitter
DirectLine DL423 Contacting Conductivity Transmitter modules are next-generation analytical transmitters that combine microelectronics technology and unique modular design with the proven performance of Honeywell’s unique sensing technologies.
UDA2182 Multiple Input Analyzer
UDA2182 Multiple Input Analyzer is used to control and monitor analytical process variables in liquids such as a solution’s acidity or alkalinity (PH), its Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) as well as its Dissolved Oxygen (DO) concentration.

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