Dissolved Oxygen
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​Honeywell's analyzers/ probe systems determine the levels of dissolved oxygen in water. The patented equilibrium dissolved oxygen probe design is unaffected by inert fouling or changes in flow conditions. The system's analyzer/ controller measures either ppb DO levels in power plant and semiconductor applications for corrosion detection or dearator efficiency or ppm DO levels in wastewater, environmental and process applications for control and compliance.

Analyzer-UDA2182 Multiple Input
UDA2182 Multiple Input analyzer is used to control and monitor analytical process variables in liquids such as a solution’s acidity or alkalinity (PH), its Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) as well as its Dissolved Oxygen (DO) concentration.
DirectLine DL424 ppm Transmitter
Honeywell combines the latest in microelectronics and unique compact design with a differentiated sensing technology in its DirectLine DL424 Transmitter system to measure dissolved oxygen in a wide range of applications including wastewater treatment.
DirectLine DL425 ppb Transmitter
The DL425 ppb Transmitter measures dissolved oxygen accurately in applications where low levels of dissolved oxygen are present. Intrinsically safe, its corrosion- resistant sealed composite enclosure protects it from harsh industrial environments
DL5000 Equilibrium Probe
Honeywell’s DirectLine DL5000 Equilibrium Probe represents field-proven technology in the measurement of dissolved oxygen in the areas of power utility, industrial and municipal waste water treatment

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