DL1000 Durafet Mountings
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​DirectLine DL1000 Durafet® Mountings used with the DirectLine DL421 pH Transmitter module are part of the Durafet electrodes series that employs state-of-the-art pH measurement technology–an ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) sensing element. This virtually unbreakable, industrial solid-state pH electrode ensures fast response for improved product quality.​

​The DirectLine DL1000 Durafet Mountings electrode is a combination of the ISFET measurement, reference electrode and a temperature compensator, all encompassed within the electrode body. The electrode when connected at the point of process measurement with the DL421 transmitter becomes a complete measuring system that reduces installation and electrode calibration costs.

The electrode can be connected remotely or directly to the DL412 transmitter as per user needs; waterproof connection is available when mounted directly. The product comes with one electrode for measuring pH levels and temperature ranges, with in-line, immersion and insertion/removal accessories that fit into different process installations, which helps lower setup, maintenance and operation costs.

irectLine DL1000 Durafet Mountings can be screwed directly into the process pipework. Alternatively, a ¾-inch NPT in-line T piece on the electrode can be used. For immersion applications, a ¾-inch NPT thread facilitates the connection.

An insertion/removal device enables easy removal of the electrode without the need to stop the process. An LCD display provides local readout of process pH in the range pH 0 – 14.0.

The Durafet sensor produces a direct low impedance pH signal for outstanding reliability even at low temperatures and with no sodium error or ORP interference. The electrode therefore responds up to 10 times faster than conventional glass pH electrodes. The rugged pH electrode withstands the rigors of the industrial environment, is easy to maintain and reduces replacement cost.

​DirectLine DL1000 Durafet Mountings and DL421 DirectLine pH module provide considerable cost savings in terms of installation, maintenance and performance and offers a reliable solution to online pH measurement. Its advanced components ensure that pH level is measured with a high degree of accuracy and quality. 

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