1/4 DIN Controllers
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​Production environments have different needs in terms of size, power, flexibility and performance. The Honeywell family of 1/4 DIN Controllers caters to a wide-range of applications and is engineered to provide users with targeted functionality and solutions for specific process control requirements with specific needs.​​

Honeywell’s 1/4 DIN Controllers are ideal for monitoring and controlling of process variables –temperature, pressure and levels in a wide-range of applications such as ovens, environmental chambers, packaging machinery and plastic machinery in industries like pharmaceuticals, power generation, automotive and biotechnology. Honeywell has four different offerings in this popular segment - UDC2500, UDC3200 and UDC3500. The controllers are highly accurate, cost-effective, reliable, simple and ideal for wash-down applications. They improve the quality and efficiency of a production environment significantly. The intuitive design and unique features of different models make the product family easy to deploy, configure and maintain.

​Based on a microprocessor solution, these controllers include a simple control algorithm with all the benefits of digital technology. The 1/4 DIN size saves panel space and the easy-to-operate human machine interface provides intuitive and effective control over the process variables. Several features like bright displays and user-friendly interface have been tightly integrated into these controllers to enable ease and speed of operation. The controllers support different communication protocols such as infrared and Ethernet and therefore, can be set up from a Pocket-PC or computer. One of the key features of 1/4 DIN Controllers is the waterproof NEMA 4X/IP66 faceplate, which allows it to be used in applications that are exposed to moisture or dust or need to be washed down.

​Manufacturing processes need tailor-made and effective process control tools, for monitoring and controlling process variables, at low prices to optimize their operations. Honeywell’s 1/4 DIN Controllers addresses these requirements simply and effectively.

Public Support Documentation
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UDC3300 Instructions for Replacing the PWB, 51-52-33-66Instructions for UDC3300 Controllers - Replacing the Printed Wiring Board29.81 KBSupport Manual9 Nov 2007
Lockheed addendum to UDC3500 Controller manual 51-52-25-120Lockheed addendum to UDC3500 Controller manual 51-52-25-120315 KBSupport Manual22 Mar 2007
PlantScape integration with Honeywell recorder/controllers using Modbus RTU, PlantScape Vista UMB Modbus RTU InterfaceGuide to connect Honeywell devices (i.e. UDC, DR, DPR, UMC) to PlantScape Vista via Modbus95.73 KBSupport Manual13 Sep 2006
Honeywell UDC3500 Replacement/Upgrade Instructions, 51-52-33-153UDC3500 PWB Replacement600.25 KBSupport Document1 Jan 2006
UDC6300 Process Control Product Manual - Rev. C, 51-52-25-45UDC6300 Process Control Product Manual - Rev. C2.28 MBSupport Manual1 Jan 2003
8476 Digital Indicator User Manual, MU1I-00658476 Digital Indicator User Manual336.48 KBSupport Manual12 Jun 2001
UDC3300 Manual (generic version), 51-52-25-101User Manual for UDC3300 Universal Digital Limit Controller531.69 KBSupport Manual1 Jan 2001
UDC3300 (Basic Model DC33XB) Manual, 51-52-25-99User Manual for UDC3300 Controller Model DC33XB 543.6 KBSupport Manual1 Dec 2000
UDC3300 Expanded Model (DC33XE) User Manual, 51-52-25-100User Manual for UDC3300 Expanded Model DC33XE691.43 KBSupport Manual1 Dec 2000
UDC3300 (DC33NB) for Nuclear Service Manual, 51-52-25-86User Manual UDC3300 Controller Model DC33NB - nuclear service1.35 MBSupport Manual1 Oct 2000

​Training, maintenance and support are critical aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner.  Honeywell offers world-class training through our Automation College, as well as comprehensive maintenance and support services designed to leverage your physical and intellectual assets and help you sustain and increase their value and performance over time.

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