MVX 800 & 3000 OEM Pressure Transducer

MVX 800 & 3000 OEM Pressure Transducer

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​Honeywell’s MVX 800 and 3000 OEM Multivariable Pressure Transducers are based on Honeywell ST 3000 and SMV 3000 sensor technology and enable an effective flow measurement process by enhancing flow calculation accuracy and improving the reliability of flow computers.​​​​​

MVX 800 and 3000 OEM Multivariable Pressure Transducers measure both differential pressure and static pressure (absolute or gauge). Similar to MVX 700 and 2000, the transmitter eliminates the need for two separate transmitters or transducers integrated into flow computers. The multiple measurements carried out by the pressure transducer and the proven sensor characterization bring significant cost savings to users while enabling effective flow measurement. The transmitter transmits an output signal proportional to the measured variables in multiplexed pulse format for interfacing with the flow computers or RTUs.

The following models are available:

  • Differential Pressure: 0 to ±400 inH2O;  0 to ±1,000 mbar
  • Absolute Pressure or Gauge Pressure: 
    • 0 to 750 psia; 0 to 52 bara
    • 0 to 1,500 psia; 0 to 103 bara
    • 0 to 4,500 psig; 0 to 310 bara. 
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MVX800 SmartLine Multivariable Meter Body, 34-ST-03-93based on the ST 800 SmartLine with the enhanced accuracy of the static pressure measurement515.4 KBTech Spec23 Sep 2020
Accurate Compressed Air Flow Measurement with SmartLineApplication note on air flow measurement using Smart Multivariable Transmitters.228.64 KBApplication Note12 Aug 2014
Field Products Brochure for Power IndustryHoneywell offers a complete range of innovative products to meet application requirements in the power and energy markets.4.28 MBBrochure5 Nov 2013
Thermal Industry Brochure Sep 2013Solutions for Improved Thermal Process Performance.858.43 KBBrochure3 Oct 2013
34SM0401.pdfMVX 3000487.16 KBTech Spec7 Sep 2011
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