DR Graphic Recorder
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Honeywell’s DR Graphic paperless electronic data recorder represents the latest in recording technology with improved data resolution and reliability. Users benefit from:

  • quick visualization and documentation of the integrity of the process

  • faster data analysis

  • better access to secure data 

  • reduced maintenance costs.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The DR Graphic paperless recorder reliably records electronic data in a secure format from directly connected sensors or transmitters that can be used for documentation of process conditions and process improvement. It is designed to easily replace Circular Chart Paper recorders; the similar cutout dimensions and its shallow depth make it easy to fit the new recorder into the existing panel space previously occupied by a paper circular chart recorder.

Its large 12.1” diagonal high-resolution display provides the best solution for viewing and monitoring process data, while the 16-analog input capabilities provide the means to monitor all critical and most secondary parameters in a given process.

Users can select from multiple display formats to have the best understanding of the process. Its Ethernet communications, along with the TrendServer Pro software, provide plant-wide connectivity to the recorder.​

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  • DR Graphic Recorder
4 Documents FoundItems per page :
TitleDescriptionFile SizeTypeRelease Date
DR Graphic Recorder Russian Specifications, 43-TV-03-19-RUGR Series Advanced Graphic Recorder1.24 MBTech Spec20 Jul 2015
Paperless Recorder Trendview DR Graphic Recorder, 43-TV-16-23-Issue 3Paperless Recorder Trendview DR Graphic Recorder, 43-TV-16-23-Issue 387.09 KBModel Selection Guide5 Jun 2015
DR Graphic Recorder Specifications, 43-TV-03-19GR Series Advanced Graphic Recorders 1.24 MBTech Spec2 Jun 2015
Paperless-Recorders-BR-13-14-ENG-Jan2015Paperless Recorders and Data Acquisition solutions: eZtrend, Minitrend, Multitrend and DR Graphic recorders3.52 MBBrochure13 Feb 2015
Public Support Documentation
24 Documents FoundItems per page :
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DescriptionUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
SizeUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
TypeUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Released OnUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
GR Recorder Firmware Upgrade | 102.5.1RGR Recorder Firmware Upgrade. Version 102.5.1R for all Trendview GR Recorders.47.14 MBSoftware Download6 Feb 2017
Trendview Remote Tool App. Note 51, 43-TV-07-51Remote Viewing using the Remote Tool Application 648.8 KBSupport Document31 Jan 2017
DR_Graphic_EU DeclarationEuropean Union Declaration of Conformity314.47 KBSupport Document10 Aug 2016
Honeywell GR Series Recorders French User's manual, 43-TV-25-41-FReZtrend GR, Multitrend GR and Minitrend GR recorders Honeywell version16.72 MBSupport Manual27 Jul 2016
GR and DR Graphic Recorders User's manual, 43-TV-25-41eZtrend GR, Minitrend GR, Multitrend GR and DR Graphic Recorders25.44 MBSupport Manual10 Jun 2016
Remote Display Tool for Trendview RecordersRemote Display Tool for Trendview Recorders63.35 MBSoftware Download6 Jun 2016
AMS Tool Version Tool with bug fix's78.43 MBSoftware Download6 Jun 2016
TrendView recorders Battery Replacement, 43-TV-33-75Installation Instruction 1002.82 KBSupport Document4 Mar 2016
Patch Upgrade ToolFor Recorder running on GR Firmware 100.1.41R / 100.2.3R / 101.1.8R / 101.2.3R 1) Download the latest firmware from Web. 2) Unzip the file contents 3) copy FW-XXX-X-XX-R-0.XSU to a USB drive, connect to the recorder and proceed with firmware upgrade procedure.5.41 MBSoftware Download25 Jan 2016
EC declaration of Conformity for DR Graphic RecorderEC declaration of Conformity for DR Graphic Recorder387.37 KBSupport Document16 Jul 2015
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