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​The Multitrend electronic data recorder is part of Honeywell’s paperless recorder family. It represents the latest in recording technology by providing the ability to capture continuous and batch data electronically, making data analysis easier, faster and reliable.​​​​​​​​​​​​
The Multitrend paperless recorder reliably records electronic data in a secure format from directly connected sensors or transmitters that can be used for documentation of the process conditions and process improvement. Its large 12.1” diagonal high-resolution display provides the best solution for viewing process data from a distance, while the 48 analog input capabilities provide the means to monitor all critical and most secondary parameters in a given process.

Users can customize the display of the Multitrend to gain an easy understanding of what is happening in the process. This also allows operators to make the best decisions regarding the actions required based on the data displayed. Its Ethernet feature, along with the TrendServer Pro software, provides plant-wide connectivity to the recorder.

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6 Documents FoundItems per page :
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Multitrend GR, Specifications, 43-TV-03-16GR Series Advanced Graphic Recorders Tech Spec26 Jun 2019
Trendview Recorders Printing CapabilityThe TrendView Recorders provide efficient methods to save and document process data to easily provide historical records of process performance. Product Information Note1 Dec 2017
Paperless Recorders BR 13-14 ENG Jan2015Paperless Recorders and Data Acquisition solutions: eZtrend, Minitrend, Multitrend and DR Graphic recordersBrochure13 Feb 2015
Field Products Brochure for Power IndustryHoneywell offers a complete range of innovative products to meet application requirements in the power and energy markets.Brochure5 Nov 2013
Thermal Industry Brochure Sep 2013Solutions for Improved Thermal Process Performance.Brochure3 Oct 2013
Multitrend SX Specification, 43-TV-03-11X Series Advanced Graphic Recorders.Tech Spec18 Feb 2013
Public Support Documentation
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GR and DR Graphic Recorders User's manual, 43-TV-25-41eZtrend GR, Minitrend GR, Multitrend GR and DR Graphic RecordersSupport Manual18 Mar 2020
Trendview Remote Tool App. Note 51, 43-TV-07-51Remote Viewing using the Remote Tool Application Support Document22 Dec 2019
TrendView - Transmitter Power Supply Connections, 43-TV-07-35Current Output TransmittersSupport Document19 Dec 2019
Totalization application note, 43-TV-07-36Using the TrendView Recorders for TotalizationSupport Document19 Dec 2019
Multitrend GR and SX Recorders Transmitter Power Supply Board, 43-TV-33-61Installation Instruction for Transmitter Power Supply Board replacementSupport Document19 Dec 2019
TrendView recorders - Installation InstructionAnalogue In / Analogue Out / Pulse Input cards / Alarm Relay and Digital Input / Output cardsSupport Document19 Dec 2019
Terminal Covers - Installation Instruction, 43-TV-33-64Minitrend, Multitrend and eZtrend RecordersSupport Document19 Dec 2019
TrendView Recorder Smart Logging Application Note, 43-TV-07-28Logging ‘Intelligently’ with the TrendView RecordersSupport Document19 Dec 2019
Modbus Communications Application Note 9, 43-TV-07-34Modbus Communications for TrendView Recorders and TrendServer Support Document16 Jul 2019
TrendView Firmware Upgrade Instruction Sheet, 43-TV-33-220GR Series and X-Series Recorders Support Document11 Jan 2018
Public Support Software Download Documentation
11 Documents FoundItems per page :
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RemoteDisplayClient Ver 4.7.3 for TrendView productsRemoteDisplayClient 4.7.3 for TrendView products, that addresses following issues reported in earlier version. - The existing recorder list details would be retained during upgrade - For adding a recorder one need to enter IP Address, name and type only as it used to be in earlier versions prior to 4.7 - Help Document updated as per new procedureSoftware Download14 Jul 2020
SCN for TV R211.2 releaseSoftware Change Notice for R211.2 release for TrendView GR series recordersSoftware Download5 Mar 2020
RemoteDisplayClient v4.7.0.0RemoteDisplayClient for TrendView productsSoftware Download4 Mar 2020
TV Recorder FW update - R211.2TV Recorder FW Version- 211-2-04-R-0, addresses SD Card and Ez Trend *** issues ATTENTION: Refer to note 43-TV-33-75_TV_Battery_iss7_Mar20.pdf for instruction on replacing the battery in the recorder. Refer Software Change notice for more details. Software Download4 Mar 2020
TrendManagerSuite Ver 211.1.1 R10TMS_211.1.1.0R10 Software Download DatasheetSoftware Download26 Dec 2019
TrendView DB Tool 210.1Database Tool210.1.0.0R01_setupSoftware Download13 Dec 2019
ScreenDesigner Ver R01ScreenDesigner Ver R01Software Download11 Dec 2017
Trendview X Series Recorder Firmware Upgrade Ver. KITrendview X Series Recorder Firmware Upgrade Upgrade Version KISoftware Download7 Dec 2017
AMS Tool Version Tool with bug fix'sSoftware Download6 Jun 2016
Trendview HistorianTrendview OPC Historian Server used with the TrendServer software for getting historical data from Trendview Recorders. Version R02.Software Download2 Apr 2015
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