SmartLine Temperature Probe Assemblies

SmartLine Temperature Probe Assemblies

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SmartLine temperature probe assemblies are ideal for process manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) contractors for temperature measurement for improved safety, reliability and efficiency.​​​​​

​​SmartLine temperature probe assemblies are installation-ready temperature measurement assemblies offered with any of SmartLine temperature transmitters, sensor heads, sensors, thermowells and process connections. They are available in three versions-

  • STT85A: Direct mount probe assembly with STT850 transmitter

  • STT17A: Direct mount probe assembly with STT700, STT170 hockey puck transmitters and head mount housings; terminal module with head mount housings for remote mount probe assembly

  • STT70A: Direct mount probe assembly with STT700 transmitter.

SmartLine temperature probe assemblies save users time in terms of engineering, ordering and installation/commissioning since these come in ready to install, fully calibrated assemblies with global agency approvals.


SmartLine temperature probe assemblies are available in single, easy-to-order model numbers, thereby eliminating the need for multiple ordering sources, compatibility checks, field wiring and comprehensive approvals for the assembly.

  • Complete assembly is certified by global approval agencies such as FM, CSA, ATEX & IECEx

  • Assemblies are calibrated along with sensors and transmitters, ensuring fully calibrated certified units

Honeywell offers a high quality solution with its sensors and transmitter assemblies to meet all types of processes. The control of the sensor makes the assemblies reliable and efficient and also provides better overall accuracy. ​


SmartLine temperature probe assemblies eliminate the need for special field wiring since the assemblies are fully certified, and offer users:

  • Out of box installation & commissioning

  • Improved overall accuracy of the temperature measurement in view of calibrated assemblies, positively impacting the end product quality and yield of users’ processes.​ 

  • Statutory compliance and improved safety of the process, personnel and environment.

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STT85A SmartLine Temperature Probe Assemblies Specifications, 34-TT-03-21An integrated probe assembly based on SmartLine Temperature Transmitter STT850,Tech Spec10 Jun 2020947.32 KB
SmartLine Accessories - Product Information NoteSmartLine Accessories are the perfect option to order alongside SmartLine transmitters.Product Information Note3 Jun 2020299.96 KB
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