STT 3000 Smart Temperature Transmitters

STT 3000 Smart Temperature Transmitters

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Honeywell’s STT 3000® Smart Temperature Transmitter portfolio helps process manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) contractors with reliable, accurate and stable temperature measurements across monitoring, control and safety applications. It is offered as a three-tiered solution, providing the right mix of price and performance to meet varied process application needs.

STT3000 Smart Temperature Transmitters can be used in various scenarios:

  • When used with critical rotating and static temperature equipments, STT 3000 helps monitor and protect the health of assets.
  • When used to monitor the temperature of emissions from stacks, it helps meet and comply with environmental regulations.
  • When used in process heating and cooling applications, STT 3000 helps reduce energy waste and increase throughput. When deployed in process applications connected with safety shutdown, it can enhance the overall safety and reduce risk.
  • When used between production and consumption points, it helps measure energy content and reduce variations.

STT 3000 Smart Temperature Transmitters are available in OEM packages and ready-to-install assemblies with globally accepted approvals, communications and diagnostics. STT 3000  helps convert low level signals from temperature sensors such as RTDs and TCs into current signals and is capable of transmitting long distances through noisy plant environments.​

STT170 Smart Temperature Transmitter
STT170 is a measurement solution for temperature monitoring applications. It helps end users and OEMs achieve reliable and accurate temperature measurement in a cost-effective manner.

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