SmartLine Manifolds

SmartLine Manifolds

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Honeywell SmartLine Manifolds include a wide range of options in different configurations to suit pressure, differential pressure and level measurement transmitters. SmartLine manifolds come with built-in safety mechanisms, are factory leak tested and certified to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations and maintenance of process applications. 

Available as standalone parts or as an integrated, factory tested and certified assembly along with SmartLine Pressure Transmitters, these essential accessories help minimize total cost of ownership for the users, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and EPC contractors.​​​

​​SmartLine Manifolds are available in a variety of designs, material of construction, process pressure and temperature specifications and global certifications to suit every application need.

• Block and bleed, 2, 3 and 5-valve manifold configurations
• Wide and compact body styles
• Traditional and wafer style variants
• Body material – SS316/ SS316L/ Monel / Hastelloy / Inconel / Carbon Steel and more…
• Packing material – PTFE/ graphite
• Process temperature – up to 450 °C
• Process pressure –  6000 psi / 10000 psi
• Manufacturing standards / compliance – ASME/ ISO/ MSS/ NACE/ NORSOK/ EN 10204 3.1

SmartLine Manifolds seamlessly integrate with SmartLine  family of pressure transmitters and interface with the process to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation and maintenance of the application.

​​SmartLine Manifolds help throughout the lifecycle of the transmitters. Some critical tasks include:

• Ensuring accurate and reliable measurement by way of zero checking and calibration.
• Isolating the transmitter for repair, replacement, and maintenance 
• Ensuring safety of the instrument, personnel, and environment during isolation
• Venting and draining of the process
• Protecting the instrument from over ranging

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Honeywell SmartLine Family BrochureDownload the latest family brochure for SmartLine. This covers the new features of all Temperature, Pressure, Multivariable and many more transmitters that Honeywell has to offer. Brochure29 Jun 2021
Smartline Pressure-Transmitter-Brochure 2021Honeywell’s SmartLine® smart pressure measurement system sets a higher standard for total performance in harsh process environments, featuring the industry’s first modular and most robust pressure transmitters. Download the latest brochure to understand the new features and possibilities with SmartLine.Brochure29 Mar 2021
SmartLine Manifolds Specification, 34-ST-03-149Compliments SmartLine Pressure transmitters to provide factory tested, calibrated and certified equipment for accurate, reliable and safe measurement in process applicationsTech Spec27 Apr 2020
SmartLine Accessories - Product Information NoteHoneywell SmartLine Accessories are the perfect addition to SmartLine Transmitters portfolio. Product Information Note25 Nov 2019
Public Support Documentation
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SmartLine Manifolds Quick Start Installation Guide, 34-ST-25-64This document provides descriptions and procedures for the quick installation of Honeywell SmartLine Manifolds.Support Manual27 Jan 2020
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