RMA Remote Meter Assemblies

RMA Remote Meter Assemblies

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​Honeywell’s SmartLine®​​ RMA 800 and 3000 Remote Meter Assemblies provide process values in locations where the integral meter in the field instrument is difficult to view. They are used as output and status indicators for Honeywell SmartLine field products and can also be used as output indicators with any non-Honeywell transmitter operating within 4 to 20ma current loop or the appropriate digital protocol. ​​​​​​

The RMA is available in the following configurations:

  • RMA801: Honeywell Digital Enhanced (DE) protocol compatible indicator. This remote indicator can operate in either analog mode (4-20 mA) or DE mode.  As an analog mode remote indicator, HART compatible devices can be connected.

  • RMA803: Foundation Fieldbus H1 compatible indicator capable of displaying up to eight values from devices on the same H1 link. Values can be displayed in various engineering units as well as with different display formats (configurable- PV, Bar Graph and Trend Displays) 

  • Engineering Unit meter (RMA300 – EU) provides digital display of temperature, pressure, level, flow, or other measurements in real engineering units. It provides a universal solution for 4-20mA measurement displays by converting any 4-20mA signal into an LCD digital display in the preferred engineering units. 


The SmartLine RMA801 will auto-configure when connected to a Honeywell STT700 or STT250 DE Temperature transmitter.  As an analog remote indicator, it measures the loop current to display the PV value. ​​The SmartLine RMA803 installs on a Foundation Fieldbus H1 link. The RMA300-EU Display Meter is available for remote-mount field use and can be integrally mounted in the STT250 Temperature Transmitter or in the STT250 Model STT25H with HART protocol.


Remote Meter Assemblies help users access and view process measurements from a device located in difficult or remote location.

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RMA 3000 Remote Meter Assemblies Specifications, 34-ST-03-81The Remote Meter Assembly RMA 3000 functions as an output and status indicator for a compatible Honeywell Smartline Transmitter or as an output indicator for a non-Honeywell transmitter operating in a 4-20mA current loop.415.45 KBTech Spec21 Jul 2017
RMA 3000 ATEX Intrinsic SafetyRMA 3000 ATEX Intrinsic Safety.371.82 KBApproval Certificate14 Mar 2013
RMA3-ATEX-LCIE02ATEX6177 (d tD)RMA3 ATEX Flame-proof and Dust Certiifcate.922.47 KBApproval Certificate14 Mar 2013
RMA3-CCoE-P227894-1 (ia d)RMA 3000 CCoE (India) Intrinsically Safe and Flameproof.488.43 KBApproval Certificate14 Mar 2013
RMA3-ATEX-HON 020202 (nA)RMA 3000 ATEX Non Sparking Certificate.206.53 KBApproval Certificate14 Mar 2013
RMA3-CE-DoC-51452507RMA 3000 EC Declaration of Conformity65.17 KBApproval Certificate14 Mar 2013
RMA3-IECEx-LCI 08-0034XRemote Meter 3000 Series IECEx Certifcate25.6 KBApproval Certificate12 Mar 2013
Remote Meter 3000 Series CSA Certificate Remote Meter 3000 Series CSA Certificate.97.22 KBApproval Certificate8 Mar 2013
CCoE Approval Certificate for RMACCoE P227894/1 Certificate - Remote Meter Assemblies488.43 KBApproval Certificate26 Feb 2009
CSA Approval Certificate for RMA300CSA 158394-2162591 - Remote Meter Assembly97.22 KBApproval Certificate19 May 2008
Public Support Documentation
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RMA 3000 Remote Meter Assemblies User Manual, 34-ST-25-19provide various means of remote-mounting a meter.1.62 MBSupport Document21 Jul 2017
RMA3000 EU DeclarationEuropean Union Declaration of Conformity311.84 KBSupport Document9 Jun 2016
Honeywell Fieldbus DTMs for SmartLine Pressure, Temperature, RMA800, ST3000Honeywell Fieldbus DTMs for SmartLine Pressure, Temperature, RMA800, ST3000 Pressure products Select all the products that this DTM will be used in 23.76 MBSoftware Download18 Dec 2014
Honeywell SmartLine EU Meter Users manual French, 34-ST-25-19-FREngineering Unit Meter User Guide 868.47 KBSupport Manual30 Oct 2009
Honeywell SmartLine EU Meter Users manual, 34-ST-25-18Engineering Unit Meter User Guide 385.58 KBSupport Manual22 Jul 2008
Honeywell ST3000 Users manual, 34-ST-33-47AST 3000 Smart Meter & ZS Option Installation Manual 167.44 KBSupport Manual1 Oct 2000
Honeywell SM 3000 Users manual, 34-ST-25-08DSM 3000 Smart Meter Users Manual 1.22 MBSupport Manual1 Mar 1996
Honeywell RMA 3000 Replacement/Upgrade Instructions, 34-ST-33-20BST 3000 w/ RMA 3000 Meter Conversion Kit Instruction 677.2 KBSupport Manual5 Apr 1995
Honeywell RMA 3000 Users manual, 34-ST-25-07ADE meter including installation & operation for integrally/ remotely mounted meters 3.42 MBSupport Manual1 Apr 1995
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