Automated Level Gauging

Automated Level Gauging

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CargoBoss Tank Gauging Software
CargoBoss is a cargo and ballast monitoring software that acts as the eyes and ears of seafarers, allowing constant monitoring of all the critical parameters of liquid cargo tanks.
CT801 Electropneumatic Level Transmitters
The CT810 family of electropneumatic transmitters provides level measurement at an extremely low cost of ownership. The transmitters offer proven reliability and have been installed on more than 2,000 vessels worldwide.
EM540 Radar Gauge
Honeywell’s EM540 radar integrates temperature, pressure and ballast data in a compliant, robust and compact system. With its non-contact measurement, it ensures reliable cargo tank gauging.
Marine CIU
The TA3840C Communication Unit and TA3840S safety unit centralize the data about level, temperature, pressure, trim and heel coming from all sensors, and provide accurate and reliable level and volume measurement.
Optilevel Capacitive Transmitter
Optilevel Capacitive Transmitter is a cost-effective, all-in-one level gauge that uses a single sensor to provide three measurements – level, temperature and water interface.
PL3700X Pressure and Level Transmitters
The PL3700 family of pressure transmitters includes submersible, flange-mounted, and manifold sensors that measure level in tanks and the pressure on cargo lines. In addition, it also includes an atmospheric pressure sensor for level calculations.
T901 Temperature and Pressure Transmitters
The T901 P is a simple, integrated solution for continuous measurement of the temperature of the cargo and the pressure of inert gas in tankers.

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