Ballast Water Sampler

Ballast Water Sampler

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Sampling ballast water during ship inspections.

The problem of invasive species transported in ballast water has long been recognized – and long been left unaddressed, at least on an international scale. Honeywell Tank system is a global leader in gauging and sampling solutions used in hydrocarbons, oil, fine chemicals and water. Our products are installed and used day and night on more than 7000 ships and barges across the globe. We applied our know-how and our quality system to the new challenges brought by the ballast water convention, to bring practical and safe solutions for in-tank ballast water sampling.



The ballast water sampler solution comprises 3 components:

The Deck valve

Made of stainless steel with high Molybdenum content and PFTE seals: Approved and certified for marine application, and designed to last at least longer than the ship on which they are installed.  The deck valve is the perfect solution to ensure easy sampling operations and prevent against water contamination and release of gases.

The Sampler

The Hermetic sampler GTX is designed for the maximum security of operations while keeping the operations simple and quick.


The four bottles types  have been designed to fulfill the difficult requirements of Ballast water gauging : some inspections are based on getting a representative sample of the water column  (running bottle); Other inspections or scientific sampling activities require to collect exclusively the top surface of the water (zone bottle), or the bottom of the tank (bottom bottle), or a sample taken at a precise height (spot bottle).​

  • Quick and easy sampling of the Ballast water for analysis before discharge
  • Safe operations without contamination nor release of gases
  • Precise choice of height to get the sample from - Far superior to in-line sampling
  • Sample can be used for salinity check (verifying D1 procedure) or microbiological check (verifying D2 procedure)

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