Portable Level Gauging and Sampling

Portable Level Gauging and Sampling

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Honeywell Tanksystem is the world's leading supplier of portable level gauging and sampling equipment for marine applications. The portfolio includes HERMetic portable level gauging equipment for inventory control, cargo inspection during custody transfer and verification or calibration of automatic gauging systems; HERMetic portable sampling equipment designed to sample liquids from tanks under closed or restricted conditions; and HERMetic Onecal intrinsically safe portable digital thermometer for use in hazardous environments. 

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Ballast Water Sampler
Ballast Water Sampler offers quick and easy sampling of the Ballast water for analysis before discharge.
Gauging and Sampling for high-pressure Shuttle Tankers and Parcel Tankers
A solution that makes possible the compulsory gas-tight gauging and sampling operations, at high pressure, while maintaining the intrinsically safe design for explosion safety.
HERMetic Accessories for Marine Applications
Honeywell’s HERMetic range of marine accessories includes portable hand dipping, gas sampling and gas pressure measurement instruments for connection on all HERMetic compact valves.
HERMetic Onecal Thermometer for Marine Applications
Designed for use in hazardous environments (Zone 0), the HERMetic Onecal is a highly accurate, intrinsically safe portable digital field thermometer for temperature verification inside tanks storing liquids.

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