Gauging and Sampling for high-pressure Shuttle Tankers and Parcel Tankers

Gauging and Sampling for high-pressure Shuttle Tankers and Parcel Tankers

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Shuttle tankers and parcel (chemical) tankers operators , facing stringent regulations, must reduce the amount of VOC gas (Volatile Organic Compound) released during loading operations. The threshold of the pressure-relief valves, and the pressure of Inert gas, moves from the standard 0.18 to 0.25 bar to up to 0.7 bar. Specially designed ships with reinforced tanks are built for this purpose.

The challenge is to assure the compulsory gas-tight gauging and sampling operations, at high pressure, while maintaining  the intrinsically safe design for explosion safety.



The high pressure gauging and sampling solution comprises 4 components :

The Deck Valve

Made of stainless steel with high Molybdenum content and PFTE seals:  it ensure easy sampling operations and prevent against water contamination and release of gases.

The UTImeter Gauge: Ullage, Temperature, Interface

This model has been reinforced to maintain gas tightness, while staying  lightweight  and easy to operate.

The Sampler

The Hermetic sampler GTX CHEM 0.7 bar is designed for the maximum security of operations while keeping the operations simple and quick.                      


The HERMetic DIP 2 GT 07bar 30m allows checking on the presence of sediments at the bottom of the tank

  • Shuttle and parcel tankers operators compliance with environment and MARPOL regulations

  • Gas-tightness has to be maintained during gauging and sampling operations

  • Intrinsic safety against explosive atmospheres hazards

  • Compatibility with Hermetic Valves

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