Lidec Liquid Level Switch

Lidec Liquid Level Switch

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Lidec liquid level switches are liquid level sensors for overfill protection that ensure safety as well as simpler, cost-effective maintenance.​​​​

​Lidec is a no-moving-parts liquid level detector that has several applications:

  • High level alarms for tankers: With single or dual detection, Lidec can be connected directly to an alarm monitoring system or integrated into the CARLA high-level alarm system.

  • Water ingress: Lidec is also the perfect device for bilge accumulation detection on all types of ships or water ingress detection on bulk carriers

  • Service tanks: Lidec, being insensitive to conductivity, provides a simple, reliable solution for level detection in all types of service tanks.

The proven Lidec technology is insensitive to changes in density, temperature or pressure, thereby doing away with the need for calibration. It, therefore, ensures quick and simple commissioning. The stainless steel housing can be mounted directly on deck. Moreover, as there are no moving parts, maintenance and mechanical wear are kept to the minimum.

​Lidec’s patented operating principle is based on the propagation of a surface wave inside a stainless steel probe. This principle is fully static without vibration or moving parts. A self-monitoring function ensures the reliability of this equipment. The principle used is positive safety – any malfunction triggers detection. Therefore, no periodical cleaning or manual testing is necessary. This allows the sensors to be used in safety systems such as overfill protection, bilge well alarm and water ingress detection systems. Furthermore, the sensor diameter is very small and requires a smaller hole in tanks walls and roofs.

It is vitally important to provide protection against overfill, which may harm the environment, affect the process or waste valuable products.  In addition, water ingress can act as the trigger for exothermic reactions that are dangerous for the ship. Lidec level detection sensors provide a solution that is easy to install and nearly eliminates the need for maintenance. ​
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