Optima Plus IR Fixed Gas Detector

Optima Plus IR Fixed Gas Detector

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​Honeywell’s Searchpoint Optima Plus is an infrared point flammable hydrocarbon gas detector certified for use in potentially explosive environment. It is ideal for applications that require faster response time, reduced maintenance and fail safe operation.

Optima Plus is used for applications that may be deprived of catalytic bead poisons or inhibitors, or where there are harsh environmental conditions with increased time between routine maintenance. These include applications at offshore oil and gas platforms, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels, tankers, onshore oil and gas terminals, refineries, solvent printing and coating plants.

Its features include:

  • Fail safe operation reduces the need for maintenance

  • Immunity to catalytic poisons allows monitoring in atmospheres not suitable for bead type detectors

  • Self check routines run constantly, thereby ensuring stable operation

  • Wide range of detectable gases, including heavy hydrocarbons and solvents

  • Large range of accessories include Storm Baffle and Duct Mounting Kit.

​Optima Plus uses the infrared detection principle that provides fastest speed of response. The IR principle allows detection without background oxygen, as required for bead type detectors, while the plug-in handheld device allows fault diagnosis, change of gas type and event log access.
​Honeywell’s Optima Plus offers reduced maintenance, faster response time, and efficient monitoring. As it is meant for use in hazardous locations, the gas detector ensures improved levels of safety.
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