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​The Small Volume Prover (SVP) offshore model (O) is suitable for production platforms and floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) units. It has a small footprint and reduces uncertainties by providing faster and more efficient results. With more than 100 units in use today, it improves profitability for upstream operators.

​The SVP is a compact, cost-effective device that allows users to verify the accuracy of flow meters used to measure product and process materials. Due to its small footprint and relatively light weight, the cost of offshore platform real estate is reduced considerably.

The volume prover is used in oilfields worldwide, either on platforms or FPSOs working with varying crude oils, and is compatible with all custody transfer metering technologies, including Coriolis and Ultrasonic flow meters. Flow meters are often proven several times a day, so any reduction in the time taken by the process increases transfer accuracy and significantly improves productivity. This level of accuracy beats all international benchmarks and enables greater fiscal accountability of expensive fluid products.

​The main features of the SVP include its precision smooth bore measurement cylinder, a displacement piston that contains an integral bypass valve and high accuracy optical switches. The fail-safe valve in the piston reduces process interruptions to ensure the highest accuracy and the product is designed for remote installation and operation. It includes PTFE filled seals that ensure fluid compatibility, and sealing integrity. The SVP has a constant displaced volume of 100 percent, regardless of the meter location, and contains no hydraulic or pneumatic features, ensuring constant proving results with uncertainty equal to or exceeding 0.02 percent as required by the American Petroleum Institute (API). The product is manufactured using 316 stainless steel and can resist harsh external environments.

​Size and ruggedness play a crucial role in an offshore metering installation. With a footprint that is one-fourth the size of traditional technologies, and a special design, the Offshore SVP helps save real estate costs, and improves production efficiency and profitability.

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Smallvolumeprovers-Brochure.pdfBrochure and Specifications for Honeywell Enraf Small Volume Provers6.97 MBBrochure21 Sep 2018
44200001 Small Volume Prover Manual models 035 to 12044200001 Small Volume Prover Installation, operation and service Manual models 035, 050, 085 120 - Update march 20165.94 MBProduct Manual29 Mar 2016
44200001 Small Volume Prover Manual models 005 to 02544200001 Small Volume Prover Installation, operation and service Manual models 005, 015, 025 - Update march 20165.29 MBProduct Manual29 Mar 2016
44200004 Small Volume Prover Manual Controller44200004 Small Volume Prover Installation, operation and service Manual , controller only - Update march 20163.25 MBProduct Manual29 Mar 2016

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