Small Volume Prover (SVP) Controller

Small Volume Prover (SVP) Controller

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​The new Honeywell Enraf Small Volume Prover (SVP) controller provides real-time monitoring and significantly enhanced operational control for a more precise, reliable and rapid proving cycle. The controller represents a major upgrade to the performance of all existing and new SVPs with its advanced, intuitive features and increased precision.

Advanced Capabilities for Greater Control Over Proving Cycles

​The SVP controller provides a single solution for better visibility and control of any proving operation. This easy-to-use replacement for all existing control modules and new provers provides operators the most advanced capabilities available – data storage and handling, sophisticated alarm functions, simpler service and system diagnostics. It also controls the water draw operation as and when necessary. 

With an intrinsically safe design, the SVP Controller is approved by ATEX and CSA to meet the extreme requirements of installation in hazardous locations.

​The easy-to-read 3.5-inch, six-line display gives instant visibility into all critical data on the standard screen, including piston position, motor status, error status, cycle value, prover date and sweep time. Using the Local Access Device (LAD) for handheld control provides complete access to programming and other system information via a menu-driven procedure. An on-screen cycle counter allows users to view the number of cycles and can provide a preventative maintenance service alarm determined by the user.

The sweep time display in seconds with repeatability in milliseconds provides a highly precise visual reading of the time the piston takes to travel between the upstream and downstream optical switches - vital for pulse generation calculations and the repeatability of proving runs.

​For the first time, the Honeywell Enraf Small Volume Prover (SVP) Controller allows users to visually monitor and control the operation of the prover in real time on a clear LCD display for optimal performance.
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TitleDescriptionSizeTypeRelease Date
Smallvolumeprovers-Brochure.pdfBrochure and Specifications for Honeywell Enraf Small Volume Provers6.97 MBBrochure21 Sep 2018
44200004 Small Volume Prover Manual Controller44200004 Small Volume Prover Installation, operation and service Manual , controller only - Update march 20163.25 MBProduct Manual29 Mar 2016
IECEx Certificate of Conformity SVP Controller (DEKRA)Small Volume Prover Controller152.62 KBApproval Certificate20 Nov 2012
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